tom goes back to school

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well, shoes bought, trousers shortened, bag packed and lunch in the fridge :D
the difference this time is i will be taking tom to school, along with a stash of medication, instructions, leaflets a bucket load of anxiety.
i am so nervous about him going to school, he was diagnosed the day they broke up whilst in hospital.
6 weeks and what changes we have made, our lives have been turned upside down, and now here we are with a child who i pray will cope better then i am (glad he doesnt read this) with the challenge of school.
i have wrote the school a letter and hope to speak to a teacher tomorrow too.i know he is different now and his needs have changed and hope they help us manage tom's illness.
wish us luck! :shock:
clare xx


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    I am thinking of both of you: life has changed so much in such a short time, I hope his school reacts as they should, both to him and his new circumstances. DD
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    well, drop off went well.
    handing over medication was a nightmare :shock: paperwork city!

    got a meeting with toms head of year this afternoon, so hopefully can discuss his needs, they mentioned a care-plan, which sounds promising.

    first physio also this afternoon, so busy busy.

    i have documented all i can think of for the school, i printed 'chat for teachers' booklet.

    hope everyone is having a good morning
    clare x
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    Hi Clare, sounds like your prep paid off and school are making the effort to be supportive. Printing off the leaflet was a good idea. Is there a school nurse involved - they can be useful in liaising with school/medics and your goodselves and making sure everything is in place.

    Hope Tom had a good first day back and who knows this may have tired him out a little despite the steriods!!

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    Hi lare, I hope he is OK tonight - and you, too. DD
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    Hi Clare

    Hope everything went OK for Tom today..

    Take care

    Marion x
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    So pleased things have gone well for you. I've just filled out paper work for medicines too. Sounds promising that they are willing to help that's always a huge bonus. I know it's hard but it really helps when you have a name for what's wrong even though everyone I've talked to at school says omg but she's so young but they all know about arthritis and they are starting to become very well educated in what meds are involved just to get an arthritic person moving as they have seen her at her worst which was only last year and know the difference.

    good luck with your meetings

    Michelle xxx
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    Hi Clare,

    It sounds like you were well prepared. I hope the school does everything Tom needs. Fingers crossed for you.

    It's certainly nerve racking. I wrote the world's longest e-mail to the school that Philippa is starting at on Monday.


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