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Hi everyone,

I've been 'lurking' on the forum for a few days having a look around and reading a few posts, today I decided to take the plunge and join.

I was diagnosed with Still's disease when I was nine years old, but told I would outgrow it, 42 years on and I'm still waiting LOL.

I look forward to chatting and getting to know people on the forum.

Take care all



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    Hi Chicara,

    Sorry you have had to join us but welcome to the forum.

    Join in anytime and ask questions on the LW forum and have a natter in the cafe or jump in on the Chit chat forum.
    Everyone is more than welcome and nobody bites...well not to my knowledge :D
    They are a great bunch here.
    Hope to see you about very soon.

    Lv, Ix
  • trisher
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    Hi Chicara

    Just popped in to say a warm welcome from me. We all try to support one another as you may have seen. I have never heard of Still's disease but going to Google and see what it is.

    The LWA is where people go if they have questions about aurthur.

    Why not join us on CChat as well. We have a cafe where lots of peeps go for a natter over a cuppa. We sometimes talk about arthur but in a more relaxed way.

    Awe for got to tell you when in the cafe, we have a cow Marrigold we pump her tail for lavender cow pats to put where arthur makes you hurt it does work wonders honest. :D

    We also have our pub The Cane and Able where we also go to have some fun. We are a little mad but who cares.

    There are many topics on CChat as well, so drop in and join in. We do not bite, honest. :shock:

    Well I hope to see you around the Forums

    Love Trish xxx
  • carola
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    Hi Chicara

    Welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to hear about your Stills disease and the arthritis that comes along with it.

    Looking forward to reading your posts and hope you have a decent weekend.

    Keep smiling Carol
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    Hi Chicara, I've had JIA (Still's) since the age of 7 and am now 44. I've been quite lucky in that I've had long periods of remission but it's definitely active again now! I too was told I'd grow out of it but I think fluctuating hormones are probably to blame this time around. Have no idea whether it will burn itself out again or not?

    The uncertainty is such a pain, isn't it. :(

    Welcome though, there is so much support here - you won't regret joining us!

    Lois x
  • mummyb
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    Hi Chicara, Just wanted to welcome you to the forum, I know what its like to wonder, should I or shouldn't I join this place. I can only say that since joining earlier this year I have made some wonderful friends who offer unwavering support and have no regrets at all. These guys have supported and comforted me when I've had dark days and hopefully I've been able to do the same for some of them too. Anyway, a very warm welcome to you, look forward to seeing you around, love and hugs, Brenda :D:D:D
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    hello welcome if you been reading you will know we little mad well some of us but do have fun val
  • julie47
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    hi and welcome from me

    hope you enjoy the forum

    everyone is vry supportive and kind (and a little mad)

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    hiya welcome from me, i hope to see you around the boards

    coco xx
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    Hi Chicara - thanks for your post on my folic acid thread! Just wanted to say welcome from me too. You have obviously been dealing with this arthritis malarkey for a very long time so will have lots of experience and wise words to share I'm sure!

    Everyone is so friendly here and you will be made most welcome.

    Look forward to seeing you around the forum.

    Love Tilly x