Natural treatments for JIA and tips for joint pain?

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Has anyone tried any natural treatments for their child's arthritis and if so which ones and did they help?

Have you any ideas how to help a child with joint pain apart from paracetamol, brufen, warm baths, warm or cold packs?


  • TedTheSpaceman
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    Hey, I Won't Be Much Help But I Find Than If You Gently Rub The Sore Joints and Try To Relax Them It Feels Much Better.
    I Feel Like a Novice, I've had JIA Since Birth But I've Never Had Any Medication And The Doctoers Said There Was Nothing They Could Do (Other than painkillers) The Clicking My Wrists And Gently Rubbing Them Helpped Alot :)
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    I too am very tempted to turn to natural remedies. I have heard that Beline herbal capsules are really good for arthritis and children over 6 can take them. My son is on MEthotrexate so i am a bit worried about if it would be ok? Has anyone else tried this?