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:D Hi I am a newbie to this website and just wanted to say hello.

After more than 3 years of mis diagnosis........apparently I had Plantar Faciitis!!...... several different treatments.....I have finally had a bone scan to be told I have Osteoarthritis! I have it in my feet, heels, knees, shoulders, chest, you name I got it! lol. I was not so shocked after seeing my mother suffer with this and rhuematoid arthritis for many many years.

I am just 46 years old and apparently have been suffering for many years! I never understood my mother's pain until now and feel a little guilty that I never realised how painful it can be at times.

I tell my family to just call me clickerty click and try to deal with this with a sense of humour! Although it is hard at times when I hurt and ache so much.

I am going swimming to try and help it, but find doing circles a bit of a pain as my left shoulder is too weak to deal with the swimming (only joking there I don't really do circles lol)

Anyway, today I could not go to work as I've come to the point where normal painkillers just don't ease the pain...so booked into the docs for a little help! My consultant did warn me this would happen!

Hey ho....I want to remain positive and try and give this arthritis a run for its money lol, but at the moment can only raise a hobble


Anyway hello to all on here and sorry for having a little whinge there :(

Blushy xx


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    You whinge girl, it does you good to get it out of your system. Welcome to our merry little gang, it's always good to have a new voice. Post anything arthritis related on the Living with Arthritis forum, that way you can gurantee a reply from someone somewhere. For the more light-hearted stuff go to chitchat, the other titles are self-explananatory.

    No-one understands pain until they feel it themselves. I'm sure your mum understood that too. We know about all sorts of pain relief - any questions just ask! dreamdaisy
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    :D Thank you Dreamdaisy......nice to know we are not alone us whingers lol...to be honest I try not to as know it can be a drag listening to someones ailments lol Today I made an exception though....it friggin beat me! Lol

    I like your style too ;)

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    nice to meet you blushy

    hope you enjoy being par of this forum

    juliepf x
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    nice to hear from you and welcome, see you around the boards

    coco xx
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    Hi Blushy and welcome from me too!

    Sorry to hear about your mis-diagnosis and also about your final diagnosis or OA. Hopefully now that you have the correct diagnosis you will be able to get some proper support from your GP and/or consultant.

    You will be in good company here Blushy and will get lots of support and understanding. And no need ever to apologise for whinging on here (not that you were!). If we can't have a moan on here where can we? And I know from experience that sharing with others who really understand can be a great help.

    You sound as if you have a great sense of humour which will certainly help you on this difficult journey!


    Love Tilly x
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    Hi there, sorry to hear about the OA, can't help as have inflammatory type, but wanted to say welcome. Do drop in to the other forums, especially good for down days.......well, any days, really!

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    Hi Coco, Annie, Tilly and Julie, Thank you all for the welcomes, it's lovely chatting to new people in the know ;)

    I do laugh at myself it helps me get through. Went to the GP's today and she has put me on strong pain killers and now referred to me to a Rheumatologist..............here we go.........lol

    She said I'm far too young to be suffering like this.....was wondering if she was just being kind because I'm sure I look haggard when in pain lol...........but I guess I take after my mum with starting early....not haggard...soz mum :( You don't look haggard at all :)

    It's good to laugh!

    Any way I just told my partner I need luxury holidays from now on in the hot weather....well it's worth a try he he ;)

    Any way lovely to meet you all xxxx
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    Hi Blushy

    A warm welcome from me. I know two peeps who are my friends of many that I have made on here. They have the Plantar Foll sorry cannot spell that.

    We all try to help one another through diffilcult times when flaring or just going through a bad patch.

    Many of us have OA, it started in my neck when I was 34 two discs had gone by then.

    You have come to just the right place. Never think you are ranting, we all understand that as well.

    Why not pop into the cafe have a cupp and a chat.

    Well nice to meet you and hope to see you posting soon.

    Love Trish xxx
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    hi blushy welcome from me as well it the kind of pain no one who has not felt it can understand it do not feel bad as she also probabully did not want you to see how bad it was i keep as much back from the boys as i can as they worrie if see me in to much pain. val