how is the first week back at school going??

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hi everyone,

just sat here browsing the net and was thinking how quiet it is ( baby is asleep) now the big boys are back at school. this got me thinking how everyone is getting on out there?? i know some children have changed schools and first time at school for some.

i have to admit i am a little lost, after 6 weeks of looking after tom since his diagnosis, has been hard.
i have another meeting with school today, they want to do a care plan for him, overall i am pleased with the schools assistance.
so think i will have a coffee, and enjoy the peace for a while longer.

clare :)


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    Hi, I know what you mean about being lost. I only have my baby here at home as Kayleigh has now started school. Having 4 home for 6 weeks down to a baby that is currently still asleep (been 2 hours hehe) is far to quiet lol

    As for school we have just had a meeting with the SEN and an Outreach Teacher for Physical Disabilities here in Plymouth and I must say any fears/apprehension i did have about her starting school and help needed have totally gone.

    She has totally put me at ease and I have great confidence in her. It's very obvious that she knows disabled children and what they need she's also very good at knowing arthritis children. 2 of them I know very well from hydro. She is going to get things provided and set in place. We're going to have a home school book (basically a chart to say what she's done how she's feeling pain level that a set person every day has to do) She will be given a dedicated notebook with some very specific programs (as she also has speech problems, but this is to help her write on days she finds it hard using a pencil) this won't be coming home but they will be providing the licence for her to use a program called write online. Where anywork she can do at school then saves to the clouds and can use the same program to access it here at home to either continue or show us same for homework.

    We will be looking into another doidy cup and cutlery and given the school a list of prices and where to get it as they said they have funding for her. This outreach teacher also said she will get table riser so she doesn't have to lean flat on a desk and pencil/pen grips, ruler (with a crocodile on top for easy lifting) a special compass not the ones that open like a V for her to be practicing with and playing with now to get used to it before she moves up in years. She also mentioned the school to get her a beanbag to sit on for story times/assemblies so it will be softer for her in place of hard chairs.

    She has been put on a school action plus plan with her I.E.P. partly for speech and language but mainly arthritis.

    I feel very listened to and all the points I was going to raise today this outreach teacher did it before I got to it. She asked me about physioand hydro and although kayleigh is on a rolling 6week hydro 2 months off plan and physio is sporadic she's going to get the community physio involved to do a 6 week programme with us to help both us and school in what she can/should be doing etc and any help that they can do then look into the hydro pool at the special school here at a new group they are going to try and start.

    All in all a very good start to the new school/year and one very happy mummy here :D can't remember everything that was said but we were in there a good 1 hour 20 mins :)

    I hope it goes as well for you too :)

    Michelle xxx
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    OH Michelle, that all sounds SO POSITIVE. I'm so pleased for you and for Kayleigh ... Sounds like you have chosen the school wisely and the support is slotting into place.

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.