Got my first appointment with the rheumatologist next week

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Hi all,

I'm new here. Got my first appt at hospital next week and I start university the following week.

My hand swelled up in April so ended up in A&E as it was sooooo sore. Xrays done-all normal. Several appointments later from my GP I've finally been referred. Swelling has gone down but joints ache in my hands, knees and feet and I'm so tired. In my hands my joints feel really stiff and look shiny-sometimes the knuckles get really sore underneath-it almost feels itchy! My whole body kind of feels creaky too. My big toe especially is so annoying as it clicks constantly.

A blood test I had showed a 'raised inflammatory marker.' :?

My appt letter says to allow 2 hours...wonder what they are planning on doing to me?


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    Hi Princess katie - poor you, i am sorry you have been feeling so awful and you are starting this journey of Arthritis. I am replying to say that I think you have explained exactly how my daughter who is 6 tries to to explain it to me but not neqrly so well as you. So thank you. I am amazed because she complains of itchiness in the places that are hurting. Do you feel the cold to by any chance? Her little hands are really dry also. Good luck and thinking of you.
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    Thank you for replying, having a look through these forums has been very reassuring!

    Yep, hands and feet are always cold and turn purple(lovely) and often tingle. All very strange.
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    Hi Princesskatie

    Sorry to hear that you have possibly got arthritis..

    Yep - you can get all sorts of funny sensations with it!

    I used to get 'hot spots' on the top of my feet in the months before I was diagnosed (I have RA). I would intermittently get a deep burning sensation in my feet, about the size of a 50p piece.. At the time I just couldn't understand what it was, but now I think it was probably all to do with inflammation in the body..

    Might be a good idea to take a summary of your symptoms/dates, etc, with you for your appointment - so that you don't forget anything. You will no doubt have hand and feet x-rays as well as seeing the consultant, so that will take up a bit of time.

    Let us know how you get on..

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    Oh you poor girl - there's a thread on itchy joints on LWA at the mo, that's something I haven't experienced - yet!

    For your first appointment they will probably want Xrays and further blood tests. It may well be worth taking a urine sample with you too: I have to take one to every consultant appointment, and they like a sample from your first wee of the day. As marion said, keep a diary of symptoms and tiredness, as this will help them build a good picture of you and how you are affected - we are all different in how we react to our versions of arthritis. Keep reading round the forums, you will get to know some basic facts about the whole malarkey, but don't let the bad tales out you off meds etc - as I said, we are all different and that includes how we react to drugs. Let us know how you get on - I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Princesskatie,

    just to say hi and welcome. I hope your appointment goes well and they get a definite diagnosis and some treatment that helps soon.

    Keep in touch,


    PS If you haven't taken a peak at the Living with arthritis thread do so, as that thread is used more and you can share your experiences with others who are newly diagnosed as well as those who have been at this game awhile.
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    I'm glad I saw this thread, now at least I know why I get a "needle" in my foot sometimes...or the "dry" feeling in my arms sometimes I guess...must explain a lot of other things I can't remember right now lol
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    hi there katie,

    i am sorry to hear of your pain and discomfort, i can't help you with that, other than to suggest, hot baths, hot water bottles and the like. what i can say is you have come to the best place, the people on here are very warm and friendly, my son was diagnosed 8 weeks ago and we have had masses of support here, there is lots of imformation and personal experiences which will hopefully guide you through a difficult time.

    hope the appointment go es well for you.
    clare :D
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    Thank you, I will let you know what happens tomorrow...have been itching like mad under the joints recently, ibuprofen seems to be of some help.
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    back from hospital. The consultant was really good. He says my inflammation is very low-not abnormal and my other bloods from back in May are all ok. I had some more blood tests done there to check for CRP and thyroid.

    He said he could start me on drugs but there is no point really and it's better to wait and see. I have a follow up appointment in December and he said to ring his secretary if I flare up to book an appointment in quickly.

    He suggested that it could be a virus and the after effects of that or vasculitis or nerve problems.

    Bit of an anti climax, still feel tired and very sore. My mum came with me and insists that I can put my mind at rest though and whenever I feel fatigued to push myself through it!
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    Fingers crossed that it's not arthritis and they can find a cause for your symptoms. The important thing is that it's being investigated, sounds like you are in good hands!

    Good luck x
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    Still no nearer to a diagnosis. All the blood tests came back fine and I have a prescription for Meloxicam to take when my hand swells up. The stiffness, taut fingertips and redness comes and goes!