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I've a couple of issues at work, so would like everyone's advice. to reassure me. I'm going in the right direction. a bit of background first I'm a civil servant. less than two years in the job and was diagnosed with PA after about 6 mths in the post. the union are involved in helping me get the best result. I.m on 25g the moment. more on this later. and oh yes i've never had a days sick in the 2 years i've been there.....

1. it taken all this time for me to get a workstation assessment done. through both my stubbornness and manager incompetence. its due to be done on Wednesday, but I'm sure my manager is trying to persuade the assessor that its not as bad as i claim and its just my inability to do the job that's giving my my poor performance. and it will make HER look good.. i was given the "opportunity" to use a egronamic keyboard, ( its not the most modern of ones i mind add!!) but wasn't really helping the way I'd like. Can anyone make suggestions on keyboards. mice etc. . i'm only affected on my right side , but am also right handed.....

2. I've had a "stress " assessment and due to the "lovely" side effects of the MTX. I'm not the sharpest tool in the box the following day . and the suggestion was compressing my hours I'm full time 37 + but i have a 3-4 hours journey to work every day. so have decided that it wouldn't work, as i don't fancy doing 12 hours days just to have a day off every fortnight especially in long winter nights. I've another meeting with the senior manager tomorrow and She's thought i could " move" my MTX treatment to the weekend and save the office the hassle of me poorly performing on that Day I've spoken to the rheummy on Friday and though she doesn't see a problem moving the day, it is a "work life balance issue. and its what's best for me. Any ideas...

3.As i've said I had the clinic on Friday and rheummy has not lowered the MTX to a whopping 20g.. wayhey ... but has now added into the mix and i'm worried that more days of sickness and nausea will follow and although am due to move to a new section and manager altough it is going to be a more stressful, pressured enviroment I actually want to stay as normal as possible without taking so many days off and feeling i'm not meeting targets, and in the current climate my situation could mean i'm show the door swiftly followed by the p45!! . Can anyone advise how they cope with working with the medication and still maintain their working lives.
4. I've had a telephone OHS referral which has backed me up, and suggested a few things. not altogether practical but useful. However i do fell that the managment are try to avoid "reasonable adjustments to be made to me.. they even claimed that PA wasn't really covered under DDA regulations!!

I'm (fairly) mobile and have a high pain threshold and noramlly don't moan too much about my health, , but the current shenanigans have obviously affected the progression of the PA. as and trying to find solutions. i realised that i might to find the idea one overnight and i've i can find something to chew over . Thanks all for taking the time to read this. and i know it might not make sense to you all ( I don't want to tell you WHEREI work. since lets us say if i was easily offtened. my "company" get quite a lot of mention on the forum:D


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    Hi and welcome to the forum,

    There are others who are much better placed to advise you on this forum re work matters and who have experience of your sort of arther and meds.

    You should be covered by DDA!!

    I don't think you should have to move when you take your meds to a weekend - so you feel awful every weekend ... that would be terrible...

    That is a lot of travelling you do each day. Could you not request to work from home one day a week (preferably the day after you have taken your mtx. I know there can be security issues for civil servants working from home etc but there was ways round this as some do work from home.)

    Take care,


    PS Keep your job under your hat!!
    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    Management still want me to move my MTX. and union rep agrees its the best opinion because if i show i have made reasonable moves to improve my capability i can get compensation if sacked... still not happy. but it mights give me some breathing space.

    the Risk assessment is done, and a new chair, footrest, keyboard and mouse and monitor have been chosen but the keyboard,mice, and monitor wouldn't be ordered until another OHS is done, one already done to see if they recommend its safe to move the day of my MTX. and if reasonable adjustments are needed. i suspect they're holding off for a fortnight until the govts spending review and see how many of us are to go.. not point of spending money if redundancy is on the cards.
    but actually i'm feeling a little more confident and a little less stressed , which can only be a good thing