Question for mum's/dad's with kids with arthritis

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I have posted a similar one on parents forum, my daughter had her regular checkup yesterday has to have her right thmb joint injected, but the specialist also said phoebe was flat footed, just wondered if anybody else has found their child has developed this?
Can't think what else can go wrong with her now. She wa taken off mtx 18 june she got bronclitis and slowly going back to square one.

Thanks Michelle


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    My daughter has had joint injections in a bunch of joints, but all above the knee. She is not flat footed.

    I think it's soemthing that can be treated with orthotics and physio.

    Good luck.
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    hi jordan walks with what his consultant says is rolling feet he see's the pod people next week , i have been told that being flat footed is very common with arthritis, hope this helps xx jenny
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    My daughter is flat footed from arthritis. She has "special" boots to wear with insoles to raise the arch. Her orthotics say they would rather try and help the problem now than let it go as although it's not fully flat foots (probs thanks to having arched insoles for a year now) he's going to continue issuing these arches until adult hood at the earliest basically once her foot has stopped growing (he wants to control the shape now rather than deal with an even bigger problem once older very grateful for this guy) but only time will tell on that one.

    Sorry if these message seems very garbled in the middle of cooking dinner and very noisy kids running around lol

    Michelle xxxx
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    Thank you all, i was never told she could develop flat feet, wouldn't mind she's been ssing specialists sice may 2007, it's taken them long enough. Michelle don't worry kids seem to run us ragged lol, my two especially if my attention isn't on them they start arguing and fighting.

    Michelle x
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    my daughter lucy has has colapsed arches, other words flat footed, she had insoles made about 3 years ago and has improved, it is very common to have flat feet in arthritits.

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