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My name is Ann and I am a physiotherapist in a private practice. I have 30 years experience of treating injuries and relieving pain.

I hope I can help give a different perspective as a practitioner.



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    Hi Ann - and welcome!

    Not sure from your post whether you have arthritis yourself, but I am sure your posts will be invaluable.

    Look forward to seeing you posting around the forum.

    Tilly x
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    Hello Ann and welcome
    was in physio/OT for 13years... then speech then...autism & education.
    Hoping you find the forum useful...and get lots from it too!
    Best wishes *CB*
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    hi ann we quite used to physios around here as well see them quite regular for one thing or another welcome we will take help from anywhere if it makes quality of life better val
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    Hi Ann

    A warm welcome from me too. This is a lovely site and the people are very supportive of one another.

    Your experience would be so helpful on here. We all have aches and pains everywhere. We will be queueing up for your help.

    There is the LWA Forum where most of us go for advice and help.

    We also have the CChat Forum where we go to relax a little. Please call in the Cafe, come and have a cuppa with us. We can eat what we like there without putting on weight.

    Well, I do hope to see you post soon :)

    Love Trish xxxx
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    Hi Ann

    welcome to the forums from me too :D

    It will be nice to hear from you any advice would be soooo welcome!

    If you check in on the living with arthritis page you should see issues we raise that you might be able to help.



    Toni xx
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the welcome, from your messages it will be nice to be involved.

    I do not have arthritis myself and hope not to develop it. I don't expect to get osteo-arthritis for example as for years and years I have been moving my joints and back to their full range everyday and therefore expect not to get this wear and tear.

    I have seen many people with osteo-arthritis and recognise the pain that they have.