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still waiting on my results as to wether or not I have RA - In the meantime because I've problems with opening doors and other bits at work they asked if I would mind seeing the OCC Health! Off course I sais yes no reason not to..... there goes the problem!

She/they are wanting to contact my consultan and GP on one hand this is private info some of which I dont know myself yet the other why do they need this info - all sick leave had has been supported by medical note from my GP so whats the problem.....?

When i asked this question all she kept saying was "there's no hiden agenda here michele" which made me feel suspicious straight away.

Question: If I sign this form giving her access to conact my GP/Consultant can I restrict the information she is allowed to receive? if so how do I do this?

Got to say am feeling a little bit hounded by all this..... I see consultant on 24th for my results - :?


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    Hi bagpuss :D

    Yep... I can understand your reluctance. I had the same experience and it has the potential to make you feel excluded.

    It is not about 'hidden agendas'.... although quite often there is one ... it's about it being solely about you it being highly personal to you. :!:

    What I did was ... I politely refused to sign a mandate for OH to send for any Reports (sign a carte blanche? I think not).

    Instead I spoke with my rheummy consultant myself and asked him to write a report regarding my diagnosis, meds and an opinion on me being able to work... and recommend that OH assess what support, aids etc I might need. When I explained why he was more than happy to do that....
    I also asked him to send the report to me first! which he did.. problem solved!

    As you're seeing your rheummy next week the timing couldn't be better. :D I did the same with the GP report that OH wanted and photocopied the latest Ortho report and gave them that..

    OH weren't ecstatic with me refusing to let them send for the reports...... but they had to accept it!

    I also insisted that they copied me in to any reports/ correspondence between them & my bosses. I wasn't being paranoid but wanted to be in the loop.

    Stay in control bagpuss... that's my advice...

    Iris xx
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    many thanks for this, will do exactly that!

    seeing consultant on Friday so hopefully will get results and if confirmed ask for a letter! will also ask for a letter from my GP!

    My next meeting with OHS is 14th october so should have everything by then.....

    Thank you sooo much feel relieved :) now I have a plan....

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    YES dorcas is right they can't have access without your nod, it's your GP notes not theirs, I know how you feel about being hounded, been there, well still there but had the T shirt for some time now and it's still going on, in a way I wish they would get whatever it is they have planed for me over, but that's the problem they want to make things strained so you leave of your own accord, the s%$ts!.