Taxi comfort, Question please

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Hi All,

One question for all the forum users, and would like an answer or answers if Possible please.

If you have to take a Taxi for any reason, to shop, go to Drs, etc, is there anyway the Taxi Firm could make your Journey more comfortable for you?

Reason being only just diagnosed with OA, and instead of sitting on my Laurels feeling sorry for myself, I have decided to start up my own business. And this is a Taxi Business, been doing a lot of work over the weekend, and trying to get a bit more info on passenger comfort, for people with various stages of all Arthritic problems, would love to hear your opinions on more comfort for us.

Surprising enough the Jobs and Benefits office would be willing to help, since I have not worked since my Hysterectomy a year ago, Im fed up looking for work, so the next best thing is starting up my own business.



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    My Gran is an independent elderly lady who still loves to traipse up town for shopping on her good days.
    The only snag is that she lives in a 2nd floor flat with no lift (and refuses to move!) and Gran is always saying that the taxi drivers are really grumpy when she says to them that if they take up her couple of bags of shopping to her flat she will pay them a couple of quid extra.
    She would absolutely love it if a taxi firm emphasised that their drivers would help in such cases.
    PS: Good luck with your new business.
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    one of those things that spins when you want to get in or out make life easyer i not to bad most of the time but when very stiff just getting in and out a paini think if they know you not going to rush them that will be big plus as we do not move as fast as we used to
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    The only comment I would like to make is that the drivers could be more smiley, eager to help and assist passengers with their luggage, getting into the car, out again and to their home and their destination. This is a shortcoming with some of the drivers in our area - perhaps it is a common trait.

    I think it is different if you use the same company regularly and they get to know you so then do help and assist but this is not so forthcoming if you do not, whether you look fairly mobile or not.

    I wish you well with your new venture. :)

    Elna x
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    Great stuff Maggie! Hope you do well. Just a thought I live near old people who need taxis a lot and when I see and old person struggling to go out alone I think how much nicer it would be if two or three got together to go, so I would like to suggest that when you have regular customers then you actually ask their neighbours if they would like to share, as the old people themselves are reluctant to do so for various reasons ie they maybe think the people next door soes not ned help or maybe even shy to ask when it would be nice for them to get together for anatter. That way it could be cheaper and they maybe even stay out to lucnh. Good luck

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    What a fantastic idea, Maggie!
    Well done & I reckon with your kind consideration of people with mobility problems you will very soon be the most popular service in town!
    My little bit of advice is to be aware of the time it takes getting into the car & being patient, also waiting until the passenger has fastened their seat belt securely. No one in our house drives so we use taxis a lot & this is one thing that always stresses me out as I have problems twisting & find the taxi has almost arrived at destination before I've managed to locate & fasten my belt! Most unsafe!
    Wishing you very good luck in your new venture
    love Pennie X
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    Thanks Gang,

    Im taking all replies seriously, and putting into my little Black Book. Now I agree with what you are all saying about patience with passengers, and their problems, already had a good feedback from the Business course I enquired about today.

    They told me I have some USP'S, Unique Selling Points, and that I will succeed, (Fingers Crossed) NO I WILL SUCCEED.

    Please Keep all replies coming, as I am interested in all comments good, constructive or whatever.

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    I've had a rough day today and couldn't come up with anything, but I am hoping tomorrow will be better and I can contribute. One thing I can say - why are passenger seats set to 'recline' in every taxi I have ever taken? It is far more comfortable to be sitting more upright. I think you have had a stonkingly good idea with this: it deserves success! DD
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    hi Maggie.
    Great idea. As to the vehicles. I have arthritis and struggle in and out of ordinary cars and hubby has had a stroke so he's not very mobile. We got a Citreon Berlingo multispace (sometimes called a forte) and it's absolutely fantastic for getting in and out of.
    You don't have to bend to get in and hubby doesn't bang his head getting in either.
    There's plenty of luggage room and I used to get 45 miles to gallon out of it.
    A great all rounder :!: :!:
    PS They're extremely easy to drive as well
    I don't know if you're using your own car or getting one especially it was just a thought.
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    Cheers Lily

    Im actualy using a friends vehicle for a bit till the funds get gathered up for a converted vehicle, Now you are talking about being upright in a Journey, what about having say
    eg a sheepskin rug under you, there is a company here in N.I that do inflatable seats for car passengers, it is like a waterbed thing, to sit on, you place it on the ordinary car seat, would that ease the strain any on peoples joints.
    Only a suggestion

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    Just thought, Maggie - don't forget you'll be picking up some of these clubbin youngsters too as well so don't put anything in that isn't really easy to clean! Just thought that when you said about sheepskin rug!
    Love Pennie X
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    Wow this is great!

    Service with a smile!

    Opening doors and helping with bags and seat belt if nec. and taking bags to the persons house etc.

    Not rushing the person

    Ringing the doorbell and waiting there rather than waiting on the kerb

    oh bother I had another one.....hmm

    Tell us how it goes!
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    Hi Maggie,

    The one thing that reassures me is that the driver waits until you get your key in the door.
    Just a little thing but make you feel safer when you are on your own.

    Good luck,

    Lv, Ix
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    Hi Maggie,

    I used the occasional taxi just before and after my hip operation and I would say important things for me would be;
      a driver who allows me time to get in and out of the car a driver who helps me with the door a driver who helps me get my luggage inside the door an assortment of cushions/pads etc to make seat comfy some cars are better designed than others for ease of access and comfort, height of seat etc the driver to offer to stow away my sticks

    Good luck with your enterprise.

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    Hi folks

    Not been active on the site much as im getting things hopefully well on its way.

    I used to drive for a taxi firm before, and know some of the pitfalls and benefits of the job, was really enjoying it until the boss decided to fly the coop and dissapear, but in the time I drove for him, I pulled his business up, not only for the elderly, as I always saw them to the door with their goods and if needed helped them to open the door with their goods, but also for female passengers who prefered a woman driver.

    I understand their could be trouble with youngsters but I can handle myself as a couple from the area i live in found out. This couple have become good friend to me now as they know i wont take BullS..t

    I am taking all your answers seriously, so please give me all the input you can think of as I really appreciate it. even the Business company who are doing the course are impressed with what im going to achieve.

    But my main aim is for the people who have disabilities to be treated more fairly.