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hi everyone, what a busy day i've had. tom is doing better so thats a bonus.

ok, my reason for the post is i am becoming a volunteer for AC and spoke to a lady this morning about resurrecting the workshops for young people in the north of england.

so, that done, i am interested in how many families out there were be willing to come a day workshop, free of charge in nov/dec time with a bit of christmas magic thrown in???
the workshop would have activities for children accomodating all age groups and sessions for parents too, its a great chance to meet other families and the children to see others at different stages of their journey's.
what do you think???
clare x


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    Well done you Clare - what a good idea!!! We would be up for it. Lucy
  • andylambs
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    I'm assuming it would be somewhere in the North of England? 'Twould be a bit far for us.

    But good on you for getting involved and if we could make it we would :-)
  • lare73
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    thank you lucy and andy.

    lucy, i will let you know more info as i get it, i have a meeting next week at head office, i am also trying to organise a christmas fair at Tom's school, so i'll be sure to let you know about that too, hope annie is feeling better today say hello from tom and me :D

    andy, it is north based im afraid, i wonder if your regional office do something similiar?? i have asked to have the juvenile workshops to be resurrected, which with the promise of raising money appears to be going ahead. maybe when you get chance you could investigate this with your region, would be great to have all regions doing them and then maybe have a big meet up of all areas one day! :)

    If anyone is interested in the workshops, which cover, activities for children, benefit talks with parents, talks from past and present sufferers, and much more please get in touch as i need to assess the interest level.if you prefer you can email me on [email protected], subject "AC workshops (lara)",
    thank you for reading x

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    I think this is a cracking idea but I am in the East and I don't have a child so I wouldn't be eligible anyway! If I have any bright ideas however, I will email you. I think it fair to say that your computer will not melt due to the heat of incoming emails from me! Regards to you and Tom - how are his joints after the steroid injections - still OK? Better than OK? DD
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    Fantastic Idea but I'm all the way down in the South West way to far for me i'm afraid but well done and good luck.
  • lare73
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    hi all, shame that so many of you live in different regions, but another idea i have, which would be later down the line would be to have a national workshop of sorts, where all regions are aided to meet up in as central as possible location, this would take lots of organising and money, so hopefully my determination will make this happen and one day we will all put faces to the names and say hello to each other.

    thank you for replying and spurring me on :D

    clare x
  • steph120786
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    Put me down definatly and if there is anything i do to help, give me a shout.

    Well done!!
  • stephibabe2
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    Great idea :) and good luck with it! Unfortunatly I live in the east of England but keep us posted if the possibility arises of a national one. Take care xx
  • littlemummy2
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    Hi sounds like a great idea where abouts are they being planned. I'm from west yorkshire, so hoping i can come along.

    Michelle A
  • lare73
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    well the workshop is definately on, i have a meeting next week to confirm date and venue, but think it will be end of nov and will be leeds.

    i am so excited it is open to all children and their families.
    i will post on here next week once confirmed venue and date.


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