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Morning all, I hope today finds you lot a darn sight better than me. My main fuel tank ran out on Saturday evening, so I switched to reserve, as one does. Now that has drained dry and I am not entirely sure when the next decent refuellling will happen: my fear is not until next Monday when I have another whack of humira. So, as an emergency measure, I am going to the hospital for meth, (which of course will make a world of difference) and I am belting my steroids back up to 20mgs (which will be the thing that works.) I am annoyed and frustrated at the latter 'cos I have struggled to get down to 10, which plainly isn't enough and the defeat is a bitter pill to swallow (much like those little devils). Hence my temper is not at its best at the mo, and I may be away for a little while - that depends on how fast the steroids kick in! In the past they have been pretty quick, but as I seem to be swimming against the tide in so many areas at the mo I am not relying on that. See you soon. DD


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    Morning DD

    So glad you have decided to put up the pred to give you some desperately needed relief and hope they kick in quickly for you. PLEASE don't consider it a defeat. Think of the pred as another weapon in the war on the arthritis. I know how much you hate to "give in" but hopefully the pred will mean that you won't have to give in.

    Hope you don't have to wait too long at the hospital for your meth stabbing - then you can come home and wait for the pred to take effect. You know you will feel better when it does.

    Thinking of you.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Morning dd

    I know it isn't nice upping your meds but if it helps it is best.
    (mmmmm coming from someone who is really stubborn about these matters)
    Hope you are not hanging around hosp for too long for your meth and when you get home make sure you rest. I hope the steroid dose works quickly for you and gets you feeling back to some kind of norm. you need to feel ok for humira on monday . Will be in your pocket.

    you take care and rest as much as poss.
    Thinking of you
    JuliePF x
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    Thats not good enough........

    I shall get my little Boat out........

    With a spare paddle......

    I'll rescue you DD.......

    You can help me paddle to find some quiet waters..........

    Now.......where's my buccaneers.......... a040.gif

    Oh yes...........under my hat..

    Rob x a045.gif
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    hi DD, how disappointing for you. I know how much I hate to put up my steroids. Can you get an injection and would that help?
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    Hi DD, im not really that informed when it comes to all these different meds but just wanted to say hope you manage to get it all sorted out.

    Gentle hugs
    Caroline x
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    Hi DD
    So sorry to hear you are having such a bad time at the moment, it's awful when your tank runs out and your reserve. I hope you can get some relief fromthe extra pred and mtx to keep you going until monday. It's so disappointing when we have to up the meds but we have to take it on the chin and get on with it as really we know it's for the best, I hope you start to feel a bit better soon, I'll be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way.
    On a diffrent note, in answer to your questins to me, I don't know my CRP i forget to ask with everthing else I had to ask him. My meds at the moment are 20mg MTX, 15mg meloxicam and tramadol, they are helping more than what I was on before but I have only got to wait til 11th October to see the rheumy, (not the one I had problems with, I've refused to see him) so hopefully I'll get some answers and and maybe a change of meds.

    Take care, sending ((()))

    Sue x
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    Hey DD

    You pop all the pills you need to so you get back on track.

    You know your own body and what you need. Don't you dare lool upon this as defeat. You've been dealt a cr&p hand of cards and the way you handle this is an inspiration to everyone.

    Listen to your own advice eg listen to your body, rest, rest, rest when you need to and remember that it'll get better.

    I hope that you can dull the pain enough to curl up with a cuppa, a good book and the tv remote control. Indulge yourself with Murder, She Wrote etc, relax and heal thyself.

    If you hear a toot toot outside your house shortly, that'll be the biggest truck in the world unloading lots of positive thoughts and healing hugs for you.

    Blow a big raspberry to your pain and believe it will subside very very soon.
    Much love and keep smiling, carol xx :lol:
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    Hi DD
    When I read the first few lines I thought......"how does her micra have a reserve tank...mine doesnt" :lol:
    Having a thick day :oops:
    I dont know much about those meds but dont consider it defeat to up them if thats what you need to be a bit more pain free
    Take care pet
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    Hi Dream Daisy

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly and you have nothing left in your tank. Take the medicines you need to and then you need to rest, rest, rest. Make sure you do.

    Sending you lots of warm hugs (((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Thinking of you and hope you feel much better soon.

    Fayann xxx
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    Hey DD,

    Sorry your feeling rough flower. :(

    you do what you need to help you get through this bad patch and come back to us when you're feeling recharged. but maybe not like this..

    ....but more like this!

    love and healing ((((hugs)))) damsel.

    Iris xxx
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    Hi DD
    I am so sorry you are having such a bad time, like some of the others I don't really understand these meds, what I do know, is that you must really need them, to be even thinking about it.
    Everything crossed that you get relief right away.
    Please let us know how you are.
    Love and hugs (((((()))))
    Barbara xxx
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    Hi DD

    I am so so so sorry to hear just how SHIFT you are feeling today.

    I had a feeling it was coming and not happy that the tank will not be filled until monday :(

    So you snuggle down g040.gif

    after you taken as many as you are allowed and as will help p050.gif

    Will be a bit quiet without you. but a well DD later on is worth 2 poorly ones on the forum now :D


    Toni xx
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    Hi DD.

    I haven't been on this forum long, but I know from your posts that you you have kind and helpful things to say to everyone who posts here.

    I do hope you feel a little better soon, as I for one, will certainly miss your sense of humour if you decide, quite rightly, to take a few days to rest and hopefully get some relief from the pain.

    Wishing you well. x
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    Hi DD,

    I really hope the steroids will kick in fast and you will start to feel more you. Its not easy t support as much as you do when your feeling shift, and I think we all have to have a bit of time out now and then. Its not always long time out but just you need to rest and start to feel better and you can't do that fretting about us lot here!

    You know I am a bit anti-preds.... I really do understand if they work well then they re a good thing but would 15 be enough rather than 20? I know you have been juggling meds a long time and so know what you need to do to feel better. I am just a bit anti-preds.....Sorry.

    Right about this fuel tank I will let you have some of mine on condition that you sit and rest, turn off the pc and either read a book or stick the mp3 on (or both) and relax, sleep if necessary and feel better soon. ((((( ))))) and Love Cris xxx
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    Hey Cris

    What about we taken her Cope in for a bit and see if we can fluff it up a bit?

    Usually they work much better if they are looked after dont they? :wink:
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    Hi Toni,

    Since mine had to come to Daisy to be looked after..... what would I know :lol::lol::lol: Right DD Toni and I will take care of the cope and return it to you all fluffed up and washed..... Toni best have it after I have sat and talked to it about issues cus Daisy can then clean it and fluff it..... I might leave here with mud on it but will have had a big load of love and build up! Cris xx
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    Ok Cris will expect it in aboyt an hour Daisy is ready with her hairdryer :wink:

    Oh my goodness I can see the probelm...

    cris - g040.gif

    look at it :shock:
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    Hey DD,
    Your turn today? If you need to use some of that temper up, turn around and give arther a big kick up the wotsit, he is a bloomin nuisance isn't he!

    Keep smiling.

    8) Its a grin, honest!
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    SERIOUSLY huge hugs!!!!!!

    Have used up all my spoons today so can't stay long but I just wanted to say that I was thinking of you.

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    Ok Cris

    Daisy has been working on him for the best part of an hour - I HAVE had to give him a fair bit of liquid steroid (sorry!)

    What d'ya think? a084.gif

    much better colour and he is happier - not quite dancing, but clearly better than earlier?


    Toni xx
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    Lordy lordy! A clean, fluffy cope! Not looked that good in years - my heartfelt thanks to you both. He has told me about the lecture from skezier - I can hear it in my head, he has remembered every word! - but apparently Daisy was a little heavy-pawed with the hairdryer and there are some singed bits, which will be removed in due course! :D You angels, thank you for making me laugh.

    I reckon your feelings about pred, skez, run parallel to mine about meth! Each to her own poison - I took them just after 11 I think, having given the other junk time to be absorbed, and they are beginning to work. Still feel yucky (thanks meth and BP tab) but the legs are beginning to work, well, as much as they ever do. Haven't done the can-can for years, and won't be doing it any time soon, but it is nice to feel I could do it if only I made the effort!

    hileena, you lovely girl, you made me laugh too: I do wish my Micra (also a Daisy - popular name) had a spare tank, that would be useful sometimes! And to everyone else who has taken the time and trouble to send me a message: thank you. (I would do the sparkles if only I knew how). My plain words will do, they usually work, and they are typed with sincerity. DD

    PS. Rob, may I hang onto the paddle for a little longer? I have nearly cleared shift creek, another couple of hours should see me right then I'll send it back. I'm keeping the buccanneers tho! They are a lovely bunch of lads.
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    HI DD

    only just seen this, and well I wanted to add my hugs to all those already winging their way to you.

    I would offer the services of Miss L Legs, but as I fear you need rest rather than more exhaustion, I have instead instructed her to bark at Arthur on your behalf (but from a distance to protect your ears :wink: )

    I can well understand your frustration about the steroids ..... I was hoping to start to reduce mine today, but well that wasn't to be. However, they do some good dont' they, so we have to choose which things balance out in our favour. Sadly for us, sometimes the unappetising choice is also the wisest :roll:

    do take time to rest ..... and know that there will be lots of us here thinking of you and hoping to see you back soon with a much improved cope (I'll have to send mine away for an upgrade if they come back looking so good :wink: )

    all the best
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    Thank you wonky, your thoughts are much appreciated. I can see the small-ads part of the local paper now:

    'My flabber has never been so ghasted! My cope looks as good as new!' Mrs DD, Suffolk, who sent her cope to SkezierMorton, the first and the best cope re-fluffers. Post yours off today - you will be amazed by the condition in which it returns :D

    Food for thought, isn't it? DD
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    Hi DD

    OOOH - really sorry to hear you are having to increase the pred again.... hope that will bring some improvement..

    Take care.

    Marion xxx
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    Oh marion, it has. This morning I could barely move without squeaking with pain, a bit like a mouse, crutches and all. Tonight, after 20mgs at about 11am, I am on two feet, lurching round the house with no sticks. Bliss. I do have a fondness of prednisalone: why do I keep thinking I could manage without it? Why delude myself this way? I reckon a pred addiction is far less harmful than a few I could mention! Well, it will only harm me and at the moment I care not! DD