Enbrel Syringes

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delboy wrote:
Did you know that if you slip the plastic finger grip off the syringe it takes up 25% less room in the sharps container, great for the small travelling ones.

Downside is the supplier keeps asking me if I need a new sharps bin as their records obviously show mine should be full.

I have to deposit a full sharps bin and collect a new empty one from the clinic. I thought that was what everyone had to do! :shock:


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    I don't have that drug but I do use prefilled syringes of Heparin. I have one of the smallish boxes.

    When that is full hubby has to take it to the Health Centre and get a new one.

    Trish x
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    delboy wrote:
    The med delivery company deliver and collect mine.

    To get my injections I have to ring the hospital for a monthly prescription- then when it arrives at my house I have to take it to the pharmacy- they have to order it- and then I go back to the pharmacy a week later and collect it! It seems like I'm forever ringing for the script or delivering it or collecting it!!!
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    My hospital uses the Healthcare at Home service. They delivered enbrel when I took it, now they deliver humira and sharps boxes. They take away the full ones, too. DD
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