Feeling a bit lost.

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Hi, my name is Scarlett and I am 25, I was diagnosed with Lupus at age 2, then after some severe battling from my Mum and a referal to St THomas' I was diagnosed with RA. Since then I have been on pretty much every med under the sun, had sterois injections in my joints, intramuscular injections, been in a wheelchair for a little while and am regularly on crutches. I am now on leflunomide, which seems to be doing th ejob on everything apart frlom my hands.

I have never been one to pander to my arthritis, I was a dancer for a long time, then in performing arts and theatre and now a teacher. Not jobs for someone with not brilliant mobility. My arthritis very rarely gets me down too much but right now I feel pretty much beaten. I have been pretty upbeat for the last 20 years and now I am getting just a bit fed up. I knwo there are people with RA and other things much worse than me and for that I should be thankful, but I have had enough of being in pain, sore or the one at the back. I am not sure what I want really, but I just needed ot get it off my chest. I have never met someone my age with RA before and my friends/boyfriend try but they could never understand fully.

I hope the bad weather isn't effecting everyone too much. Take care.



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    Hello scarlettmarie, I think you have come to the right place. Welcome to the forums, it is a shame you have had to find us, but we do know what it is like and we can empathise. I have had a lousy day today and am now off to bed, but I will do a proper reply tomorrow, all being well. Also post on the LWA forum, all ages hang out there to discuss arthritis-related queries and problems, there are some your age and younger too. Have you googled the spoon theory? It gives you a good way to describe your illness to the non-comprehending, I recommend it. Right, I have to go as I am, much to my surprise, nodding off. My apologies, take care, sleep well and hopefully we can chat tomorrow. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi Scarlet

    What a nice name. Popped in to say hello and Welcome to the Forums.
    You will find a lot of support on here.

    There are people of your age on here to and mums who have childdren who suffer from it too.

    We all try to support one another on here whether it be advise or just because they need a little extra support.

    The people on here are very friendly and nice.I have RA also some other types of arthritis so I know how you must feel. I'm also wheelchair bound so life can be tough at times..

    You can either post on here or go to the LWA Forum where arthur as we call him is talked about for the medical side of it.

    There is also the CChat Forum which is where we go to relax and have some fun when we feel like it. You will see many different Threads on there which you can give your opinion. Or you may wish to do one of your own.

    Well there will be others along to say hello to you soon.

    I hope to see you post soon.

    Love Trish xx

    You will be welcome wherever you choose to go.