Feeling a bit lost.

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Hi, my name is Scarlett and I am 25, I was diagnosed with Lupus at age 2, then after some severe battling from my Mum and a referal to St THomas' I was diagnosed with RA. Since then I have been on pretty much every med under the sun, had sterois injections in my joints, intramuscular injections, been in a wheelchair for a little while and am regularly on crutches. I am now on leflunomide, which seems to be doing th ejob on everything apart frlom my hands.

I have never been one to pander to my arthritis, I was a dancer for a long time, then in performing arts and theatre and now a teacher. Not jobs for someone with not brilliant mobility. My arthritis very rarely gets me down too much but right now I feel pretty much beaten. I have been pretty upbeat for the last 20 years and now I am getting just a bit fed up. I knwo there are people with RA and other things much worse than me and for that I should be thankful, but I have had enough of being in pain, sore or the one at the back. I am not sure what I want really, but I just needed ot get it off my chest. I have never met someone my age with RA before and my friends/boyfriend try but they could never understand fully.

I hope the bad weather isn't effecting everyone too much. Take care.



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    Hi Scarlett,

    Welcome to the forums and sorry to hear about your illness!
    i dont have lupus i have OA and Fibro i'm not 25 either lol i'm 48 but i do know what you mean about being sick of the pain. I have suffered 'in silence' for about 20+ years and sick of it. This is a good place to get stuff off your chest and it does make you feel better knowing that you are not alone and we on here do understand exactly what you are going through. The people on here are very friendly understanding and knowledgeable and there will be someone along who has the same illness as you .
    Pop into the cafe on the chit chat for some light entertainment and calorie free cakes!

    Take care

    Rose x
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    Scarlett, welcome to the Forum. You will find this to be a wonderful, supportive place.

    I don`t have RA - I`m OA - so can`t comment there. However, I think that what you`re feeling isn`t specifically about what you have, but how it`s affecting you.

    You know, I`ve never gone along with this thinking of "there`s people much worse off than me". What YOU are experiencing is your own personal pain, and the way it is impacting on YOUR life.

    The fact that you have fought your condition for so long, and only recently started to let it get to you, makes me wonder if something else has happened in your life. Maybe you have worries about the future. Why not post on the Young People`s Forum here. It really helps to talk things through with those experiencing what you are.

    Once again, I am so glad that you have found the Forum.........Ange.x.
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    Hi Scarlett

    Sorry to hear that you've not been feeling very well. You are a brave thing to have coped so well all these years. You have done quite well with your career considering your mobility problems.

    I have OA and little knowledge of lupus - I know a bit about RA because my hubby's uncle has it.

    When was the last time you saw your GP or consultant? Maybe it's time you had a little chat with them about how you've been feeling.

    I just wanted to send you hugs - I'm an old hag at 53 and you're old enough to be my daughter!!! I hate to hear about you young folks suffering. There are other young folks on the forum with RA and maybe lupus so you're not alone.

    Take care.

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    Hi Scarlett
    Welcome to the forum.....I have OA....not RA but sending you ((( )))
    There will be plenty of people along to help.
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    Hi Scarlett and welcome to the forum. :D

    I have PA not lupus or RA but as others have said I don't think it matters which of the arther nasties you have....it is how it is managed and how it affects you physically, emotionally and socially that really matters.

    I'm sorry you've had so much pain from such a young age :roll: but I do admire your fighting spirit. :wink: and think you're great to have achieved so much despite your diagnoses.

    Feeling low and dispirited is also part of living with arther but you will find that a lot of us on the forum also share the same emotional downers from time to time..... so you are not alone in how you are feeling. :!:

    I'm glad too that you have found the forum :wink: just being able to offload or rant about arther to others who understand can be very uplifting!!

    hope you stay with us Scarlett. :D

    Iris xx
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    Hello Scarlett
    And a very warm welcome to the forum, you have gone through so much in your young life and dealt with it well.
    Like Ange says this thing about others being worse off,its the pain that you are in that matters to you.
    I am so glad you have joined us, just getting it off your chest can help a great deal, the people on here are so supportive.
    Sending you lots of hugs (((((()))))
    Barbara xx