i was wondering how you all found this good forum

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Hi everyone.
i found this website because i was looking at the eastenders website and then i saw health and i went from there and here i am.
i also go to jigzone and do a puzzle.
joan xx


  • nearlybionic
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    delboy wrote:
    Searched for an arthritis forum on 't' internetwebthingyworldwiderubbish

    Same here. After diagnosis, was looking for more information and got so much more when I found people to talk to
  • gickygawky
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    It was recommended to me by a friend who worked for another arthritis charity, best advice I ever took :)

  • barbara12
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    Hello Joan
    A few weeks after I was diagnosed, I got on the Internet to look up what treatment there was for arthur, and came across this forum, am I glad I did,
    Barbara xx
  • valval
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    googled arthritis and came up with a couple i liked this bigger so more often some one on when you need them val
  • joanlawson
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    delboy wrote:
    Searched for an arthritis forum on 't' internetwebthingyworldwiderubbish

    SNAP :!: :!: But then I found out that it's not all rubbish after all :!: :D
  • frogmorton
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    Me too

    Researched arthrtitis and found it.

    Good thing too!!

    Proves it is advertsied on the net in the RIGHT place then?
  • lupin15
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    Me to
    Looking on the web for information and found this site. So glad i have.
  • coco67
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    typed arthritis into Bing and this site cae up.
  • annie_mial
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    Via another charity for a specific type of arther. Needed more info when it became clear I had more than one condition.

  • dreamdaisy
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    I found it via my local hospital's rhuematology website. DD
  • lindalegs
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    My physio recommended it
  • trisher
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    On my first visit to Rheummatology Department as i was about to leave the Consultant gave me the booklets to read.

    As at that time I had two different arthur's he gave me those to read.

    When they diagnosed with another arthur a few weeks later he gave me that one to read also.

    When I go for appointments, I see the consultants also the other doctors give new patients them as well.

    Trish x
  • joanlawson
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    I wish that GPs would make people aware of this site, and the help and support to be gained from it. I have made sure there is a poster up in my surgery because it was purely by accident that I found out about it.
  • ichabod6
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    Got it and other useful website addresses and phone
    numbers whilst on the AC Challenging Arthritis self
    management course.
    If you aint been on one you dont know what you
    have missed.
  • snowball
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    Joan what a great idea, my mum has diabietis and told me she had joined a forum to get advise and I thought maybe I should look for one about arthritis. So got on the tinterweb and found AC, and what a godsend it has been.

    Jules x
  • carol101
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    Like many of you i googled arthritis after getting diagnosed. I even gave this web address to my then boss who also found it very helpful in helping me at work and understand what i was going through.
  • tkachev
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    I googled arthur and ended up on another site. They were all fighting and argueing(You think this site is bad!) and somebody mentioned a good site called AC forum .And so very good advice from Emma or Vicky (cant remember which of those two names it was) and thanks go to her.

  • lululu
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    @ 15 years ago when Arther first started stalking me I found AC -not had any involvement since my condition improved but not that Arther is winning I just asumed AC must now be ont'net and here we are!
  • penfactor
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    I found web page by googling but didn't see there was a forum. When I phoned the brilliant helpline for advice they also told me about the forum.

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