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Well low and behold Ireland's economy has gone bye bye, now what gets me is that so called economists didn't see it coming!, one chap even wrote a book about how it's a tiger economy that doubled it's GDP in less time you could say "where's Paddy!", hmmm now call me cynical but wasn't the main reason for it's incredible rise due to the oh so simple fact that the EU pumped billions of Euro's into it's economy causing massive growth which then fed the housing market bubble?.
As some people say it's not rocket science but if I and other common folk could see the way things were going to go way before they did here and there then why in hell didn't those at the top notice what was going on, I am starting to think that the whole thing was a set up job by a few very rich people to get even richer and then pass the bill onto us lot slick or what!.
And to rub salt into the wound the very bankers who caused it all are still sitting on the board of directors and still getting even bigger bonuses while we bail them out with money we have had to borrow and secure in our name not theirs so if it all goes Pete Tong we end up with another pup . Ha! who said there's no sentiment in business?, well that might be true but there is a sense of humour that's for sure!.
No wonder the Europeans are rioting they can see the injustice and have the guts to say so while we just shrug our shoulders mumble a bit and waddle back to the coal face to work for less money.


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    youve answered the question yourself Mell - you just cant believe its true!
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    Oneday thanks for reading my rant I thought no one could be arsed to reply, then me paranoia started to kick in and I went into a bit of a downer but you've made my day!. :wink:
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    He wories me you knwo our Mell....

    still I suppose all is well with the world when mell is ranting :D
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    mell going off on one is a strange sort of comfort, but it does prove that all is still well in the world of AC forums. DD

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