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I've been on mtx for nearly 5 months. I've been prescribed it every month with no problems. Today, the pharmacist refused to give me my prescription without a book. I said, "what book? I don't have a book!" He said it should have the results of all my blood tests since I started mtx and the dose and said I must have it on me at all times. This was news to me! I've never had one or even heard of one before today. I told him this and eventually, he gave me my pills.

Does anyone else have a methotrexate book?


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    Yes, after about 18 months without one. It is a small mauve booklet, the first few pages tell you about meth, infections and other things, the central ones are where your blood test results are filled in, and the final part explains what the tests are. I was only ever given one when I went onto injected meth, I have my bloods done at the hospital every month and the nurse fills in the results when I have my injection. I record all my other meds and dose levels in it too, and it is always in my handbag. I got mine from the hospital, I don't know if GPs have them to hand out. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Yes, I have a Methotrexate book. Every time I get my blood test results they are written in the book for me, so I can see for myself what is happening.

    Also on it are listed the blood tests I am given and what the 'safe' parameters are; serious side effects that ought to be reported; and the name of my hospital and Rheumatology department.

    I have never been refused my prescription from the chemist, although they have asked if I have had the adequate blood tests done.
    My doctor, or another, call me after a test, to let me know that it's ok for me to take a further dose.

    At the moment I'm still increasing my dosage, and I will be on 22.5mg this week.

    I hope you get this sorted out soon.
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    Yep, it's fairly standard for all rheumatology depts to have some kind of 'book' system for MTX. My last hospital I had a blood monitoring card that the nurse wrote all my blood results in. At my current hospital I have a thick book which gets sent off with my blood tests so the results can be recorded. It might be that they simply forgot to give you one. That happened to me when I moved - I didn't know I was meant to have a book until the nurse asked for it when I went for a blood test! Ring your RD or nurse and ask for one.
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    How interesting. I just have my yellow card which I note down my blood test results in when I go for my next blood test... is this similar to the purple book of which you speak? x
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    Hi Princess,
    I've been on MTX for 5 years and don't know anything about this. But then again my rheumatology department is completely c**p. I came to this conclusion after talking to people on here. Trying to get my blood test results is like trying to get blood from a stone, it's like the secret service.
    Sue x
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    Do you only need this book if you have MTX by injection? I've been taking the tablets for almost 20 years now and never had a book. I do have to have a blood test every month and my repeat script cannot be issued until results are back. But a book? Don't think our surgery would even know what I was talking about if I asked for one!

    As the saying goes - you live and learn :)

    Ok - enough procrastinating on the forum, back to my essay, roll on tomorrow when it has to be submitted finished or not, then I'm having a break from study and hopefully a bit more time to spend on the forum - so much I've still not caught up with.

    Take care all

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    I started methatrexate two weeks ago, my rhummy gave me a monitoring card but i missplaced it :shock: but saying that i have now found it again i wasnt told i need to keep it with me at all times and my GP has not said anything about it i must aske the nurse to fill it in next time i have my blood test!!!!

    Glad i read this thread :!:

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    Hi princess

    I don't have a book either. Used to keep a record when was gold inj 22 yrs ago but when they stopped so did the recording of blood tests.
    I have been on mtx a number of years and never had a blue book or even heard of one till I came on here. I do ring for blood results but just get told there are ok.

    I am going to ask at the rhummy appintment next time I get one as I have now changed hospitals after going to the same hosp for 20 yrs. I think you should do the same.

    Isn't it amazing what you find out on here. Good Job these people look after us eh!

    JuliePF x
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    Hi,I've been on MTX for a while now and have not been given a book.But I do have a blood test report card which I had to request as I wasn't offered one.I only knew about it from members on this forum. Breane.
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    I also have my booklet, started taking MTX June this year, when they the rheummy nurse gave me my booklet she also gave me a warning card, which I also carry with me all the time alerting people I am taking MTX and not to prescribe certain meds :o Junexx
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    I don't have a book. I phone for the result then I request a hard copy which I file.

    This is all done off my own back I was never told to do it. Once I hear that my liver function is OK I rejoice with a glass of adult ribena (as DD calls it) :wink: or a cold guiness :D
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    I have a little purple book but the rheummy only wrote my first ever dose in it but they have never recorded any blood results in it. In fact all that usually happens with me is I'm told bloods are fine see you in 3 months. I still have my bloods done every month but thats all.

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    This is a frighteningly common question that appears quite regularly on this forum :shock:

    As I understand it The purple booklet was introduced by the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) following concerns about patients being uncertain of dosages and frequency of medication. Previously each area had their own ways of recording and monitoring blood tests and it didn't always work.

    this page links to the NPSA NHS website where you can see the info about Methotrexate which is currently valid.

    if you scroll down to the PDF files at the bottom of that page, the fifth one down opens up a copy of the booklet for you to look at.

    I cannot get one of these booklets from my own GP, but instead have to request copies from my rheumatology dept. If I am there I ask for one, otherwise I ring my rheumy nurse and she posts one to me.

    It is really good practice to keep the results written in one place, and sadly it is up to us to pester people to get the results written in. I take mine everywhere with me, and it has been particularly useful when being treated by new doctors, or when something suddenly different happens, they can see what my own 'normal' is for any one test result.

    hope that helps


    PS - I have had this booklet for both oral and injected MTX.
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    I have one of these booklets that stays at my GP surgery and I collect it to take to Rheumy apts. It records my blood test results as others have said. The phlebotomist at our surgery gets a bit jumpy if I don't return it immediately after hosp appts. I thought everyone on methotrexate had to have one. Brenda xxx