Overstretched ligaments again!

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Knew it was a possibility being off my meds during the pregnancy but the RA has gone and knackered my left thumb ligaments that were only repaired 18months ago. Anyone else find that the RA attacks other things than just your joints? They've been overstretched by lifting my baby boy and now I'm gonna have to have surgery to repair them or have the joint fused, which means weeks of not being able to look after myself let alone Harry. Rubbish!

On the plus side I've now started Humera and I'm feeling quietly optimistic! At least I haven't had a stroke like the last time. Also Harry has now started on solids, which is great fun and very messy!!


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    Goodness what a trial you've been through. I've not experienced RA affecting anything else - unless I've just put the pain down to the RA and not really realised that it was ligament pain etc. I have dislocated a couple of things though through not doing very much at all - does that count?

    So was your stroke directly related to the Humira? I'm hopefully starting an Anti TNF soon and humira is one they mentioned.

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    HI Jenzie, what a nightmare about the ligaments. What is the time frame for having the ligaments done before it becomes un-do-able and you have to have a fusion?

    Hope humira continues to work for you.

    Enjoy introducing Harry to lots of new foods and tastes and finding out his preferences.

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    Hi jen

    Sorry about your ligaments

    I think it can as it is one of the connective tissue disorders isn't it? Poor thing :(

    LOvely to hear that you are ok on the humira though and that wee Harry is coming along so well and fast :wink:


    Toni xx
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    Hi Jenzie,

    Funnily enough, sulpha is doing a great job with my joints but if I do have any discomfort, it's tendon and ligament pain!

    Good luck with the Humira - I'll keep quietly optimistic for you too!

    Lois x