Still not heard from boss ...

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Well my boss will have received my letter about arranging my return to work and enc GP letter last Friday. I rang school and the secretary has confirmed he received it. He still has not contacted me. Am in the process of drafting him an email ...

If he doesn't get a move on, nothing will be in place when I'm ready to return and I don't want to use up the last 2 weeks of sick leave incase I get a lurgy before April 2011.



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    Hi, union aren't proving much help ... but will give them a ring, if boss doesn't respond to email.

    Yes, I think you are right, re not using up last bit of sick leave - haven't ever since OH though - so no one has ever declared I am covered by DDA - does this matter?

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    I am so sorry that they have not been in contact with you. You really do need to meet and sort out this. I have been through this and i was stupid and returned to work after treatment for cancer. I ended up having to complain about the deputy head who i worked for as his T/A and had several meeting with the head teacher. I never had a planned return to work plan and the deputy head did not understand that although i looked OK i was suffering with severe fatigue and was in a great deal of pain due to meds.
    You must get a meeting and get something written down and agreed on but should not have to use up your sick leave. Good luck and i hope it is all sorted soon for you.
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    Hi Lupin, thanks for your advice, support and sharing your story.

    After writing, phoning and emailing my boss - he finally got back to me and said he had contacted OH to plan for my return. I suspect however he only did it Friday!! No way will everything be in place for my return ... and I don't want to take my last two weeks of sick leave in Nov.

    A teaching friend of mine, suggested I got my fit note from the doc and turned up at work anyway (ie not on sick leave anymore) and then went home again - as nothing in place?? Any thoughts anyone?

    I requested a phased return to work, when I first let my boss know I would be having my operation - in writing. My returning to work after half term has been open knowledge for months ... and was discussed with my line manager face to face in July ....

    I don't see why I should lose my last two weeks of full sick pay and then go to half pay, because my bosses can't get their act together ...

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    Hi speedy

    Speedy... you have a fight on your hands. You need someone stronger in the union to support you and fight your corner..... ask the rep to contact HQ and enlist the support of the Equalities Officers... they are great and will steer you & your rep in the right direction.

    I personally would speak to the OH... better still email them (with a copy to your boss & the union); remind them when you first contacted your boss to ask for support to return to work.
    tell them your actual return to work date AND that they have a responsibility towards you under DDA and are required to complete a written Risk Assessment and a Needs assessment before you start back in order to have everything in place prior to return to work.

    Ask them if, in the event that these assessments / recommendations/ changes have not been completed before your start date what THEY propose you do. Remind them that under DDA you should not be asked to undertake any duties that may jeopardise your health or worsen your condition.

    do not offer or agree to take more time off sick! Definitely don't agree to use annual leave or any accrued flexi leave or PH entitlements (it's not even legal for them to ask you!)
    what they should do is ask you to remain at home on full pay until they have completed their assessments and have everything in place to support you.

    I've also Pmd you a bit more but didn't want to be writing war and peace on your thread.!

    Iris xxx
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    Hi Speedy

    You've been given some great advice, so the onl y thing I can say is
    I totally agree that you should NOT be taking that time off as sick leave..

    Marion x
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    Thank you Iris,

    I read your pm, but only just saw your reply on here. I have been dealing directly with union headquarters for all the good it has given me. I will ring again on Monday and this time ask to speak to the Equalities Officer.

    I don't have any contact details for occupational health - have just googled it and found a phone number, but not found an email address. The form that my head has to fill in was online too - he has to get it signed by me and all sorts for it to be valid ... which he hasn't asked me to do .. and he should have discussed the form with me before sending it off.

    I shall write down all your pointers about dda and health and safety and risk assessments etc and reel these off when I make the dreaded call to OH on Monday.

    I lost my reply to your PM and need to type it all out again ...

    Thank you for your advice Iris, (thank goodness for this forum) and thank you Marion for your support.