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Hi everyone I am a 33 year old mum of 2 and have been diagnosed with seronegative arthritis. This started for me 10 years ago when I also developed ulcerative colitis. I was actually diagnosed 2 years ago but was only told by my gp this week but thats my fault really for not harrasing them more at the time! but always new I had something. I am also in the process of undergoing investigations for igA nephropathy which is an auto immune kidnery disease. I find online forums a huge support and am sure will find it too here. I try to suck it up and stay cheerful but may sometimes have an off time!! thanks all x


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    Hi spacey
    And a very warm welcome from me, you will find the good people on here are so supportive, sometimes it is good to talk to others that know some of what you are going through.
    Barbara x
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    A warm welcome from me.

    Thie site is an excellant place to be. The members are supportive and also off advice too.

    I'm sorry to hear about your kidneys though.

    We ask most arthur as we call him questions on the LWA as more peeps look in there.

    Oh, don't worry if you get tearful, we all do at times get down it is good you do and let it come out instead of building it up inside you. Just tell us you are feeling down and we will all understand, so don't worry ok?

    There is the helpline too where you can ask questions. They are very nice people too.

    We also have the CChat Forum where we go and relax have a bit of fun. There is the cafe where you can eat and drink what you like. Pop in for a cuppa and chat to the girls.

    Well, others will be along soon to say Hello.

    I hope to see you post soon

    Love Trish xx
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    Welcome too from me - Trish has said it all, but do pop in to Chit Chat if you can, all are welcome in the cafe and all cakes are guaranteed calorie-free!

    It must be very hard when you have a young family, mine were grown and gone before arther got hold of me. If we can help at all, please do come in and find us.

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    Hi spacey, you are everything I am not! Welcome to the forums, we have a wealth of advice, experience and succour to offer, look around and jump in! The others have given you a pretty good guide, so I hope to see you posting soon. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Spacey

    Just wanted to add my welcome too!

    We all have our "off" times Spacey and do feel free to share yours here - we are good at offering support and I like to think, quite good at cheering people up as well!

    Look forward to seeing you posting.

    Love Tilly xx
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    Hi Spacey

    welcome from me too :D

    This is a great place to be for support and advice as well as a bit of a laugh and sometimes to even challenge your brain :shock: Not too much though :wink:

    I hope you find us really helpful


    Toni xx