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Hi Guys,

Just thought i'd join this forum to be able to get talking to some people that understand how i'm feeling and offer advise.

I'm a 24 yr old girl and was diagnosed with seronegative RA in June. It's been a really hard year so far and i'm struggling with how much RA is changing my lifestyle. I've always been a really active person, I've played rugby for 12 years and represented my county and country at Under 21 level. Unfortunatley i had to stop playing in March when I first started getting symptoms for RA.

Having to stop playing has had a massive impact on me and often makes me fed up, it's not just the playing it's the social side that comes with it too, I can't do half the things I used to. Although the girls in my team are really supportive and still make me feel part of everything it's still not the same. I've taken up coaching our Junior side which I'm really enjoying and it's something I really want to work hard at but I also feel that I need to spend less time at rugby to start dealing with the fact I have RA because at the moment I just feel like i'm using my rugby social life as a shield.

I'm currently taking Enbrel, Methotrexate and Meloxicam which can often make me feel a bit ropey and i'm feeling constantly tired and it's making me snappy with people that are just trying to help so I've decided that I need to start making some changes to my lifestyle and get myself in a place where I can accept I have RA and just get on with life the best and happiest I can and the first step to do this I thought would be to get talking to people who are going through the same as me and maybe make some new here I am :D

I'd be grateful of any advise people can offer about their experiences with RA and what changes they've had to make,

x x


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    Hello and welcome. I am sorry that you have had to come and find us, but I hope someone will be able to help. I have psoriatic arthritis, which is similar to RA but with the added extra (sometimes) of psoriasis. I too have had enbrel in the past - I have now moved on to other stuff.

    Receiving such a diagnosis is a shock, and you are so young too. Having been used to being active it must be doubly difficult to accept. Over time you will learn to manage your energy resources, you will learn to recognise when you have over-done things and you will learn to rest whenever you can. Rest really does help. Talking of which, I should try to get to bed now! I am sorry for the short reply but I am tired. I will answer more fully tomorrow. Take care. DD
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    LWA is the forum to go to if you have more serious questions - oh, no question is ever considered to be too silly to answer, so ask away.

    Pop into the cafe on Chit Chat and have a cuppa or whatever you fancy.........CC is more relaxed and lighthearted (and occasionally controversial). You can often pick up hints and tips there, too.

    It's an odd thing, but arther in general seems to jump on those who are very physically active. Even later in life (it didn't jump on me until I was in my fifties) it still seems to like those who have always been reasonably fit.

    Do come and join us.....and don't be surprised at what you might find you are doing, including mucking out the cyber cowshed.

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    Hi Laura and welcome from me too!

    I am so sorry about your RA diagnosis Laura. I developed seropositive RA aged 28 (14 years ago) so I do understand how hard it is to try to get your head round what’s happening to you. It must be even harder for you because your social life revolves around such a physical sport which you now find you can’t do.

    But I don’t think there is anything wrong with, as you say, using your rugby social life as a shield because it is all too easy to stop doing everything and to become very isolated as a result. I think it’s great that your team mates are all very supportive and that you have now found out how much you enjoy the coaching side of things.

    In terms of accepting the RA and beginning to deal with it, I have found that this is something that only comes with time and is made all the more difficult because arthritis is not a static disease so it’s difficult to know exactly what we are trying to come to terms with anyway (if that makes sense!). My Mum told me recently that she thinks that, after 14 years, I have only just really stopped pretending it’s not happening and accepted it! That is not said to make you despair, just to make you feel that you are not on your own with what you are feeling.

    The best advice I can offer you at the moment, whilst you are feeling so tired, is to pace yourself and plan how best to use your limited energy. It can be very frustrating doing this, particularly if you work and are having to use precious energy just doing the things you HAVE to do, but I find that, although things take longer, actively choosing to do one thing rather than another makes me feel as if I am more in control. And take any opportunity you can to rest physically between activities.

    I am so glad you have found this forum though and I hope you will find it helps to chat to others in your situation. Everyone is really friendly and you will get lots of support and helpful advice.
    Look forward to seeing you posting.

    Love Tilly x
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    Ah Laura

    You poor thing :(

    This is certainly the place to get some help getting your head round your diagnosis.

    We have all been there and understand where you are coming from totally.

    Throw a question at us on LWA forum and we will do our best to help - there is also a younger person's forum which might be useful for you.

    Please take care and don't disappear


    Toni xx