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I'm 36 and have MS. Following steroid treatment for my MS last week I woke up to find I couldn't bend my knee, on what is my good leg. We took a trip to A&E on Sunday as I was struggling to get about. An xray was taken and I got bandaged up. I was seen in the fracture clinic yesterday and was told that my good leg has osteoarthritis in it :S I have to go back in 3 weeks to see if there is any improvement. In the meantime I've to wear a knee brace. I look a right state as I already where a splint on my left leg because of my MS. I've been given some diclofenac for my knee.
With both my legs out of action I thought I'd check out some info on the internet and came across this site. Would be nice to chat with people in a similar position to me. Currently stuck at home as getting out is a nightmare at the minute. Generally feeling quite sorry for myself now as since being diagnosed with MS I appear to be making a collection of ailments.


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    Oh keira74, I am sorry. I cannot help on the arthritis front as I have the wrong sort, but please look around the forums and get to know how they are used. LWA (living with arthritis) is the health one, where we deal with question regarding meds, scans, side effects and pain: chitchat covers everything else, the rest are sefl-explanatory. It could be good for you to post again on LWA - quite a few have OA as a result of accidents etc, but not many look in on here. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Leigh, welcome to the forum, sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, on top of the OA. Multiple health problems do get you down, to say the least.
    I have multiple health issues and some days you just want to sit in a corner.
    I hope you have a good GP, with the right treatment, not only for the physical issues, but the emotional ones too, life can be a bit more bearable.
    Join us for a cuppa and lots of calorie free cakes in the cafe, we gather there and tell of our days events, moan, groan, laugh, whatever, no one sits in judgement and the people here are so caring and supportive.
    Take lots of care
    XXX Bubbles.
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    liegh welcome sorry you had to find us but glad you did call in cafe any time just for natter ask anything you want one or another person will help they a great bunch (do not tell them i said that lol)
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    Hi Leigh and welcome from me too!

    So sorry to hear that you now have OA to deal with as well as the MS and that things are so very difficult for you.

    But really glad you have found us - everyone here is really friendly and you will get lots of support. Chit-chat forum is a good place to go for some company and some laughs too.

    Look forward to seeing you posting.

    Love TIlly xxx
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    Hi Leigh

    welcome to the forums from me too :)

    I hope you will enjoy chatting to us lot - we are LOVELY :wink:

    You are rather going through the mill at the mo aren't you? :(


    Toni xx