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Hello All

I am 49 and I have recently been diagnosed with early OA in both knees. My left knee is the worsed affected, which I am having physio for at the present. I also have OA of the lower back, this was diagnosed 9 years ago after having had breast cancer, as I had complained of back pain to my breast consultant.

I am looking forward to making friends and having a laugh.

Anne :lol:


  • annie_mial
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    Hello Anne and welcome.

    Look forward to seeing you around the other forums...chit chat for light relief, calorie free cakes in the cafe and practically any other topic which you might mention.

    LWA is the place for the more serious questions and answers, handy tips and hints. No question considered to be too silly to merit an answer!

    I've had inflammatory arthritis for 10+ years now, diagnosed in my early fifties, so I'm one of the 'mature' ladies who have arther as a companion.

    See you around, I hope!

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    hi anne am 49 as well got inflamitory arthiritus and oa only been couple of years lol but doing much better (i ask the silly questions all the time) they great bunch here know most things glad to have you val
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    Hi Ann

    A warm welcome from me.

    This is a great place to be with arthur as we call him. Many people on here who are very nice and supportive.

    As Annie said the LWA is where we go for arthur related problems.

    Then there is CChat and many topics arise each day. Feel free to join in there too.

    Come to the cafe the most popular cafe about. Come for a cuppa and meet some of the girls who go in there.

    There is one rule you have to obey that no question is to silly to ask.

    So hope to see you soon.

    Trish xx
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    Hi Anne and welcome from me too!

    Everyone on here is really friendly and you will gets lots of support and company - and a few laughs too!

    Look forward to seeing you posting.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Thank you all for the very warm welcome.

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    Hi anne

    very pleased to meet you although I think we met in the cafe - you are the lady with the cream horns :wink:

    I hope you will feel at home with us very soon and to see you around and about


    Toni xx