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i am very confused about the goverment are they goin to send people with ra to work cause i can not go to work i can just about get up in the mornings and in a lot of pain all day i am on anti tnf metho,lefulidomide etc dont no what i am gojn to do if they try and send me work :(


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    Afternoon ord, I agree there is a great deal of uncertainty out there at the moment about claimants for ESA, JSA, IB, DLA and all the others. The number of benefits available is also part of the problem, I reckon. You may benefit from ringing the helpline number above, I hope the people at AC have more info than forum members, and you could also contact your local CAB. They are very good at advice and information. DLA is different to those benefits above: it is not means-tested or income-dependant. DD
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    Dear Ord397,

    Its sounds as if the governments changes to benefits is causing you a great amount of worry. The new medical assessments are designed to ensure that you are receiving the correct level of DLA. It may help to ease some of your worry if you discuss this further with your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

    Best Wishes