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Hi I have recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and am feeling very tired. I work full time over 5 days and am also doing a distance learning degree but struggling to keep on top of it all.

The sensible option according to a colleauge would be to take a year out however i have made a comittment and want to finish as i really dont think i would be able to return to study if i stop now.

does anyone know my options regarding reducing my hours at work? i dont think the disability act etc would apply as although i find it difficulf to walk/ manage stairs some days there are more days when i can and besides most of the time i just do it anyway.

any advice would be apreciated :)


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    Hi Gemz and welcome,

    I'm sorry I have no advice to offer, but others will hopefully be along who have.

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    H gemz

    personally the year out doesn't seem like a good idea, but it may suit you and your circumstances......check out the pitfalls of that too and the financial loss this would create.

    Most large organisations offer work/life balance option regarding children, caring, and health etc....they may need some notice to put it into action but are obliged in some way to offer a compromise.
    If you now have the diagnosis that will help your case.
    HR should be able to advise you confidentially too.

    The tiredness may ease with some medications but it takes a while, and you now have to consider the arthritis and balance activity and rest ..there is no specific rule with that just what you find suits you!

    Good luck let us know how it goes.
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    Hey guys

    Thanks for reply. I work for a large company but unfortunatly they are all individual franchises so HQ stay out of it. The bosses do what they want regarding staff and employment pay holidays and non existing sick pay :-(

    Am going to have a chat with my boss anyway so will let u guys know what happens. Wont be for a little way as I am Angry with him! I tried to phone in sick as i was exhausted and had painfull joints (feet, ankles and Knee mainly) but he ignored me and kept asking what time i will be in as another staff member was already off for a bereavment! I went in as i felt guilt and couldnt be bothered to argue. I nearly laughed when he sugested i do filling -all that bending would do wonders for my knee - he clearly does not understand my condition nor does he want to.

    Anyway am feeling much better today! thats my rant over sorry guys x
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    Hi gemz10 :D

    You maybe shouldn't assume that the DDA doesn't apply to you!
    From the little you've said about your having RA... which is a long term condition... it seems that it does have an impact on your mobility etc..?

    I've posted you a link to the working with arthritis section on this forum..... if you have a read of this info about DDA then you may consider that you do in fact meet the 'criteria'.....which would mean that your employer (no matter how autonomous) has duties and responsibilities towards you.

    You could phone your local jobcentreplus office and speak to a Disability Employment Adviser who may be able to give you advice and support through the Access To Work Scheme....ATW assist people with long term conditions to remain in their job by assessing their need for support and aids/ adaptations to the workplace.,,, and provide advice to employers.

    Quite often peeps with arther are reluctant to admit or even realise the impact this condition is having.... such is the nature of arthritis that it gradually erodes our capabilities and sneaks up on us!. I know that's how it was for me!

    Iris xx
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    you should not have gone in and next time you phone in he will think he can bully you into going and that you will be able to do it. no one can understand unless they have been through it the exhaustion hit me again yesterday out of the blue lol but when you get meds sorted you will feel much better i do hope you manage to sort it and if you feel bad stay home it will just make you worse and he will not apreciate it lol
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    Thanks Iris will take a look and yes ur right it can/does affect my mobility. I think it's partly not wanting to admit it but also seeing others suffer so much more makes me feel like a fraud as im lucky this may slow mw down a bit does not stop me working. Not sure if i need anything in work except a sair lift LOL but advice for my employer may be usefull if he doesnt start understanding soon so ATW may be good then.

    Valval it is so right than people just dont understand especially with tiredness as eveyone gets tired but this is worse (am much better at moment though)

    I made some enqiries about flare up's on living with arth forum and dont think i'll feel so guilty next time i need to phone in.

    thank you all xx hope u are all well
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    Hi gemz :D

    let us know how you get on.... you are one of us now and we care and want to hear what happens!!!

    the fatigue that comes with arther isn't like any other... it's as though you have been drained of all energy down through your feet :roll:

    our poor bodies take a hammering with coping with inflammation so don't ever feel guilty about it. :wink: in fact that's when you need to rest most....

    Iris xxx

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