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I saw my rhuemy nurse on Monday, she asked me to have another blood test as my last one showed higher than usual wbc. I thought when there was something up with your bloods they phoned you, so now that has got me thinking should I ring them about the results, I don't like to feel I'm wasting there time.
The nurse thought my recent op on my foot might be why I had a change in results. Probably worrying about nothing but that's me all over.
I take 25mg mtx weekly
folic acid 6 times weekly
pred 7.5 daily
have just started hydroxychloroquine 400mg daily



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    Dear June

    I'm sure if there was something to really worry about they would have told you. At least they are keeping an eye on by asking you to have another blood test. To keep your own anxieties and stress levels at bay it may help you to talk to them. I'm sure they won't feel like you are wasting their time. Its always better to ask rather than stress over things just incase it is unnecessary and if there is an issue, then at least you know what you are dealing with. Either way there is no harm done in giving them a call.

    Best wishes

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    Hi thanx Simona decided to give nurse a call to put my mind at rest and wbc is back to normal