time off for hospital appointment

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Went into work today to let them know that my pre-op consultation had been changed(the original one had been organised for my day off)
My Manager wasnt very helpful saying that she didnt know how I could go (short staffed) I could have cried........... four stressful hours later she begrudging said that I could go, after I had to ring hospital to ask how long they thought the appt would last. (40mins and the appt was scheduled for 8.30am) and to go straight to work afterwards
Im so unhappy, as Ive struggled to go to work and have never had any time off, and worked extra when needed.. NO MORE!!!
tricia :(


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    Hi Tricia,

    sounds like you're really stressed at the moment...and no wonder :?

    I can't really give you any helpful advice as my bosses were amazingly supportive.....unbelievably good bosses do exist but no help to you...sorry

    Just wanted to send you some support......make sure you do the form cos it's worth it :D

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    Hi Tricia,

    I'm not surprised you are upset, no one likes being taken for granted. It was not as if you asked for a morning off to go and have your hair done!! Well soon they will realise your worth when they have to manage without you after your op ... so take heart and think of that.


    PS don't take it personally, your boss was probably stressed too and would have reacted the same to anyone who asked for time off, however genuine the reason.
    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    Hi Tricia
    I hope your feeling ok & not too stressed
    Does your work have a policy for time off for appointments mine does
    All mine says is that we have to try take it in our own time or take time in lieu or unpaid leave or AL unless they have requested the appointment than we can go in work time! Wouldnt mind I work at the hospital where I have my appointments & if i go in my own time its 44mile round trip!
    Im the 28yrs ive worked there ive only had 3 appointments in work time!
    Keep strong Maria x
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    Time off for appointments is a real problem... I have to be seen inopthalmology every 6 weeks, the diabetic clinic every 12 and the biologics clinic every 12. I actually had to leave my last job cos they wouldn't give me the rime. They asked 'do you always have to go to rheumatology on a Tuesday? can't it be any other day of the wee?' (!).