what do i do

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i'm so fed up. i've tried to get 26 jobs in the last 12 months and i dont no what to do. i keep on getting turned down as the say i cant do the job. the job centre wont let me go on benifits im on dla but thats it. i dont wont to live off the goverment i would rather work. but i dont no what to do.


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    Firstly, well done to you for your repeated efforts to find work. It takes a great deal of courage to keep plugging away at what might feel like a useless cause, but you have done so - not rewarded yet with employment, I know, but something must be out there for you.

    How do people know that you cannot do a job? No-one is giving you the chance to prove that you can. Obviously your health is going to be a factor but that should not detract from your skills and abilities. This is a difficult time to be unemployed and to try to go on benefits, but that may be your only option at the moment. Are you finding the jobs you are applying for or is the Job Centre? What advice and/or training have they given you? I can totally understand why you feel so low, you are certainly entitled to a grouch. There must be something out there, some help of some sort: it may be worth your while contacting your local CAB, they have a wealth of information at their fingertips, and perhaps ring the helpline on here too - it's a free call from a landline, they will be open again on Monday. I wish I could be more constructive but I have no bright ideas. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi tinkerfairy :D

    good to see you posting on the forums. :!:

    I can't understand why you aren't in receipt of benefits?..... surely if you aren't working then you have entitlement to either jobseeker's allowance or ESA?

    I know you are focussing on finding and job.... and commend you for that and for your positive attitude..... but meantime I would strongly suggest you contact CAB or a Welfare Rights Officer to check out your benefits entitlement. No-one can live on fresh air! and having some benefit payment would at least help contribute to the bills. :!:

    I wondered too if you were receiving any advice about what jobs might be suitable for you :?: I know from reading your post on SH that you had hoped to be a dancer but that RA & OA had dashed your plans.... that must have been a massive blow flower. :roll:

    Maybe now though you are in need of a bit of support and guidance regarding employment.... and I'd suggest you contact the Disability Employment Adviser at your local jobcentreplus. They are very helpful and worth speaking to.

    I also read that you've been having difficulty finding the right combination of meds ..... I do hope that your doc or rheummy are still monitoring your progress? and trying to find a successful combination of drugs that might bring your condition under control.

    There are lots of issues for you just now and prioritising and resolving one area may have a positive effect on the next.

    I do hope that you seek advice from the above agencies and that things get a little easier for you.

    Iris xx
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    thanks for your help. i will ring round people on monday. i have trouble getting benifits coz of my other half. he is a firefighter and they say that it means he works to much. we still dont get very much money.
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    Good luck in phoning around for Monday and I really hope that you will be able to access the right support and advice.

    One of the benefits that's not means tested is DLA... so perhaps you could ask about that too.

    Let us know how you get on tinkerfairy. :wink:

    Iris x
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    Hi Tinkerfairy

    Just wanted to call in and say well done you for trying so hard to find work that you feel able to cope with. Though I am still working at the moment I have recently seen the disability employment advisor at my local job centre and they were very helpful and supportive so do give them a try if you haven't already done so. I do hope you did make some phonecalls today and that you get some support or retraining that might help.
    good luck and take care