Hi, another newbie!

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Hi, my name is Emma and i have just turned 32.

I am really struggling at the moment, i have just been diagnosed with Osteoathritis. I am still in so much pain even with all the painkillers, i have 3 small children and feel so bad that i can't do all the things i want to do with them. I look forward to getting to know some of you.


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    Hi Emma :)

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry that you need us but it is the best place to be for help with anything to do with arthritis, which ever type(s) you have.

    You would be best to ask any questions on the Living with Arthritis zone and if you feel like joining in on the ChitChat zone, jump in there too. These are the zones were people hang out the most, then there are the other zones too, depending on the questions you wish to ask.

    It must be very difficult for you with three young children to care for.
    There are other young mums on here. Ask any questions you have and we will do our best to help out.

    This is also the place to rant - we understand all about that too.

    Elna x
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    hi emma it is hard and takes some getting your head around but we will help you all we can just ask val
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    Hi Emma I am new here too.. I am 42 and have OA.. you sound like me a bit in shock and angry. I have two kids also. It is frustrating when you start to lose strengh in your joints.. My hands suffer alot. I struggle to put keys in locks and undo things, put my earrings in, pick little things up. Basically they just hurt. I started to take some oils this week and i have started to rub essential oils in ( lavender, ginger and chamomile ) its supposed to help.. worth a try. I do hand exercises !! anything... Take and welcome.. everyone here is welcoming.x
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    Hi Emma and welcome from me too.

    So sorry to hear about your diagnosis and how much you are struggling at the moment but, as the other peeps have said, you will find a warm welcome here from others who understand your situation and be able to provide you with some good advice.

    Look forward to seeing you posting.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Hi Emma

    A warm welcome from me too.

    It is very hard to have to accept these things when you are so young. I was only 34 when my neck got bad. I thought like everyone does that was something old people got.

    I asked then what do I do and was told to live with it. I did what I was told to do and put up with it.

    But nowadays you hear about it so much, people and doctors seem different and have more knowledge.

    Well I hope to see you around the Forums. Just incase we forget to tell you we are closed on the 28th this week as we are having a make over done so don't think it is your computer ok :)

    Love Trish xxxx
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    Hi Emma

    Very pleased to meet you and welcome you to the forums :)

    It is hard with litle ones isnt it? Mine are teenagers now (well nearly all teenagers) but it is hard work.

    I do hope you find us what you need - we are a good bunch and you will be made welcome wherever you decide to join in


    Toni xx