A lovely day

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Morning everyone I hope every one is ok and not in too much discomfort.

My friends took me shopping yesterday to the trafford centre and we had a wonderful time. I was a bit nervous as they have never pushed me in my chair before and i didn't want it to be too difficult for them. They were very good for learners but there are a few imprints of me and my chair at the back of some of the lifts :lol:

Managed to get a few nice christmas gifts so atleat i have now started.

Also on sunday I managed to scramble to my car and take my self shopping to a converted mill. It was the first time in over 6 months. (as you know I have only just started wearing my leg again) I managed to work the hoist for my scooter that OH fitted, and was really pleased with myself. :) OH had been out on his enduro motorbike and was pleasantly surprised to see i had at last been out in my car as we turned up home at the same time.

Well that cheered me up for the week suffering a bit now but hey where there is pleasure there is pain .

JuliePF x


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    Huge congratulations on both outings, especially your solo effort on Sunday. That must have been quite scary and hats' off to you girl for doing it. Did your friends really slam you into the back of lifts? Do you not have brakes?! :D I love the idea of a flamingo-shaped dent! Right, send me your presents and I will wrap them for you, I love doing that. You will have to write the labels tho - my writing is vast and too untidy! DD
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    well done julie, you must be proud of yourself, i hope you realy enjoyed your trips out

    coco xx
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    Hi Julie.
    Just saying well done for getting out and about.
    The first time is bound to be the hardest so you 're off now- no stopping you hopefully
    best wishes xx
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    It's always worth the suffering when we've done something we've really enjoyed.

    Good on you Julie.

    Luv Legs :D
    Love, Legs x
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    Hi Julie
    You must be so proud of yourself, the trafford centre is no mean feat, think I will need a chair next time I go there.
    Has for going out in your car, now you are mobile there will be no stopping you :)
    Barbara x
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    I'm glad you are able to wear you leg again. That is great news to hear.

    Also you took yourself shopping in your car isn't that the best feeling in the world to have your indepance back again. To be able to take off when and where you like must have cheered you up.

    Well done Julie, carry on like that enjoying life again.

    Love Trish xxxxx
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    Well done. I hope you had great fun at the mill. And you could take your time without worrying about family members and do your own thing, it is nice to have some independence but I know it isn't easy and you won't always feel up to it. The option is there when you feel able,

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    Thank you all for replying to this post.

    And for all your praise.

    Thinking of you all

    with love
    JuliePF x
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    Hi Julie.
    good for you its so nice to go out when you want too.
    enjoy your self you deserve it.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Well done Julie

    very proud of you :)

    The girl dun good :D

    There'll be no stopping you now....


    Toni xx
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    Just seen this, Julie.........how lovely for you to get a day out and one under your own steam as well.

    Hope things continue to improve!

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    Hi Julie

    That is great. It is lovely to hear some good news and that is a real achievement for you. I bet you feel great.

    Take care

    Fayann xxx