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OMG!!! you have all now reduced me to tears,as if I don't do enough of that! thank you so much for your lovely kind words.I feel like I have met people who understand (my circle of friends and family simply don't)!! I look forward to future chats and any helpful info would be much appreciated,and if I can help anyone in any way I will do my best to do so.I knowI will make mistakes on this forum as I am not so used to sitting in front of a computer and my spelling leaves a lot to be desired so please forgive me.My beautifull german shepard is sat beside me as always wondering if I will ever be able to go on a long walk as we used to,she is the one thing in my life that has kept me sane and kept me going.Tomorrow will be a brand new beginning,stop hiding away,no feeling sorry for myself,and again a huge thanks to you all,I have some new friends.


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    Just read your other thread, Mirabella..just want to welcome you to the forum and if you want a natter, tea/coffee and a guaranteed calorie free cake, just call into the's in temporary premises until the upgrade, but you are more than welcome!

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    Hi Mirabella

    Hi and welcome from me. Sorry not seen your other post but that is ok.

    Listen we were all new at one point and yes we made mistakes too, spelling ones as well. That does not matter one bit so don't you worry about anything, stick with us and you will be ok.

    We also understand family and friends not understang us but on her we do.

    So no hiding away come and join us. We hope you will come to our cafe as well have a cuppa and a natter. We talk about arthur in there as well but not so much as the LWA Forum.

    We come this side for a laugh and some fun. :)

    You might be saying where's the cafe, well we broke it and we are having a make over done. There is a Portacabin if you scroll down or look anywhere and it mentions the builders well that is it.

    Jump in anywhere on here that is what we all do.

    Sorry not been to Boots so cannot offer a tissue for you :shock:

    Well hope to catch you around on here

    Love Trish xxxx
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    we are a mad lot but you will love us :):):)
    Barbara x