Plasma total bilirubin level

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Been on mtx now since July. All bloods have been fine but latest shows a slight rise in the above but still well within normal. Any cause for concern? Readings have been as below oldest first

8 umol/L
6 umol/L
8 umol/L
11 umol/L

Suggested normal range 3-15

Thanks in advance


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    Dear William,

    Thank you for your enquiry to Helplines. Unfortunately we are not medically qualified so are unable to go into details of blood results. This is the kind of enquiry that you can explore with the rheumatology specialist nurse, or discuss with your GP.

    Often if you are concerned that blood levels are not coming down quickly enough it is often helpful to do it in the context of your disesase modifying treatment (dmard). Dmards tend to work slowly, so you would hope to see a downward trend by three months and then the onward discussion is about the dose of dmard against the rate of suppression of inflammation. It can be more helpful to have these conversations mostly at rheumatology, as they need to get to know how you are doing.

    Our self management courses can give you support in communicating with the rheumatology team.


    I hope that is helpful

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    OK thanks. I'm not overly concerned as figure is well within the norm.

    Good thing is my inflamation levels have gone back to normal very quickly over the period.

    A plus for mtx if anyone is looking in :D