jordans got his insoles

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hi guy's hope you and yours are well,as my topic said jordan has been given insoles for his shoes to try to lift his arch and also to correct the way his foot position. We were there for ages ,he gave jordan a thorough examination but also thinks jordan has got some inflamation in his toes :cry:so is going to pass the info on to his rhummy nurse.
We have spent a couple of lovely days at alton towers so i am totally shattered , i hope you are all enjoying the half term as well xx jenny


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    That's great you have got insoles now hopefully this will help him and also he might start noticing his ankles/knees/hips possibly even back feel better for it. I know Kayleigh has noticed a slight difference but it's been me who has noticed it more.

    Shame he still has some inflamation hope it eases soon hugs

    michelle xxx
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    I hope the insoles work - they do feel strange at first but when I put mine in my shoes (just ordinary shaped ones, insoles that is, not shoes!) I can see my knees turn out, back to where they should be. I too have fat toes (I have PA, it usually hits the small joints first but in my case last) so hopefully a review of his meds/dosage should help that. Is he on any anti-inflammatories? I wish him well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi there. I wish Jordan all the best with his insoles. I got mine a couple of months ago and after a difficult few weeks, I've finally got used to them. I very very flat feet, so the arch lift was hard to get used to. The pain has definitley eased and I hope it does for Jordan too. :)
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    Hi I'm really glad you and Jorden had a nice break at Alton Towers. I expect it did you both a lot of good. :)

    I have inserts or whatever you call them for my shoes as I have flat feet! The rhuemmy at the hospital prescribed them and I had to go to the podontic ( I can't remember how to spell it
    :oops: ) They have made a lot of differance and I'm sure they have helped the pain in my hips to settle. The only thing is you need to get used to wearing them. They told me to start of with no longer than half an hour and build it up as I felt like it, not to let it be uncomfortable. The first few times I wore them I felt strange and they seemed to take up too much room, but I soon got used to them and within a week or so I forgot I was wearing them, so I had them on most of the day! I did need to get shoes with a higher back, as they take up a little room so always try shoes on with the inserts!.
    Sorry, I've gone on a bit. I just hope they help Jorden, I know he has more problems than me and is so young. So, sending you both love and best wishes, Sue. xxxx
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    I remember the first time I had insoles, they can take a while to get use to that's for sure. But boy, I don't know where I'd be without them. Having flat feet can obviously affect arthritis so having good fitting insoles is so important.

    Only trouble is that they eventually wear out and you need new ones every so often, I've only just received some longer lasting ones myself which should keep in a few years hopefully.