Hospitals... I actually like going...!!

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So, I've just woken up after my nap I have to have after hydrotherapy. :)

I must say, I am enjoying going to hydrotherapy as I like the fact that I can actually be poorly and don't have to pretend that everything is OK. It's like a relief to go and look like a bit of a numpty not being able to walk down the corridor at speed or spring down the steps into the pool and not feel pressured to put on a brave face. I'm slowly coming to terms with my RA and am finding that my weekly visits to the hydro pool are helping me with this as the hydrotherapists are so patient and accepting of my limits. Despite aching and hurting for the rest of the day, it DOES improve my movement for a couple of days and with daily physio exercises I do hope to get my full range back over the coming months.

I'm starting to love going to my hospital on a Friday. I think I may need psychiatric help next! :shock: :lol: :P


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    Hi Alarkra.
    yes the waters lovely and warm and its so much easier to move is'nt it.
    i'm glad you are feeling better after it. thou it wears you out getting dressed.
    you enjoy it i've been going for 14 years. joan xx
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    Hi, It sounds really lovely and I'm glad its helping you come to terms with things. I hope you go on enjoying it and that life continues to improve. I fancy it, as I love the water but, can't swim and the local pool makes me embarressed with kids swimming up and down! :oops:
    Its not warm either. brrrr Love Sue
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    Hi Alarka

    I am so pleased for you :)

    Serioulsy it is as Joan says so good for us and thank goodnes the staff are so very kind unlike some physios I heard about today Sue :x

    Long may the sessions last and long may they work so well for you


    Toni xx
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    Hey that sounds great.
    Can we all come next time :?:
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    I'm glad to hear that some of you enjoy it too Joan. Once I finish my sessions I think I will see if I can do the self management classes as it's so nice to be your broken self with others who are broken too! You are right though, getting dressed is exhausting and I am utterly shattered by the time I get home! It's totally worth it though. Seaweeding is the best thing that they do for me, it's SOO relaxing. :D

    Sue, if you ever get the chance to do it, it's worth a try. I know that some people here have found that it makes their symptoms worse, but it most certainly works for me. I'm going to have to have another nap, she worked me hard today! :wink:
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    Hi Alarka, doesn't hydro wear you out?! I always need a nap after it too. Lovely feeling in the water though and so much easier to move. The physio's sound lovely and patient.

    Have you considered going to an AC meeting/group? Just a thought - that would be another place where you could relax and feel alright to be slow or a numpty as you put it.

    It is in the "real" world that the disabling effect of arther is more noticeable - being over taken by grannies and needing to sit down, when friends have the energy to carry on shopping for another 5 hours!!

    Sounds like you are working hard to get your joints to their optimum with they hydro and physio, keep up the good work!! (Says Speedy who has let her physio slip this half term and must get back on track!!)

  • alarkra
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    Hi Speedy,

    I know that at my hospital they have a meeting every 2 months for RA sufferers. However, I currently much prefer coming on here as I can come and go as I please and get as involved as I like without being interrogated or feeling pressured and/or obliged to take an interest in other people's problems when I'm still coming to terms with my own. :roll:

    I very much like coming here though. It's comforting and I like to take an interest in people here and contribute where I can. :)
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    Hi Alarka,

    Kinda hate them my self...... :roll: I know what you mean about the hydro pool though .... they are some good eh?! Had hydro for 3 months after they did my back and it was so good to get the legs moving right again :D

    I so agree with you its goo here and there are so many kind people.... infect this place has brought me some very good friends and I never expected that :D

    Coming to terms is hard but you get there and its easier when you do flower. I think all of us have had trouble and probably still do in some ways. I got a bucket load of things back along and ended up seeing a councillor... it really helped me to sort it out as well. It really got to me and its not the answer for everyone. You take care and for what its worth I think your contributions are well worth having. Sending you a ((( ))) and a hope you sleep well. Cris x
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    Hi alarka

    I was a bit worried to see this heading then saw you were talking about hydro and I am so with you on that one. :D So glad you are finding it helpful. I had some sessions for my OA last year and absolutely loved it. I even managed to persuade my physio to let me have extra sessions as my mobility improved so much, but you are right it does leave you exhausted. I hope they let you continue with the sessions for as long as you can. Glad you are enjoying using the forum, and hope you do find it supportive when you need us.
    take care
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    Hi alarka :D

    Your description of hydrotherapy sounds so good :wink:

    I've not tried this myself as a treatment for arther am now wondering what I'm missing. :lol: although I have to admit I really don't like going into water and have never enjoyed saunas!
    (not much hope for me then :roll: )

    Seriously though it's good to read what other peeps find helpful and I really do hope that you continue to benefit from going!
    and that the positive effects mean that your flexibility/ mobility are improved . :D

    ... thought I'd mention too that AC run workshops and courses that you might be interested in? If you go to the 'Home' Page and then click on 'In Your Area' and have a look on what's on near you...

    I've recently started a 6 week AC course ' Coping with a Long Term Condition' which I'd registered an interest in some months ago.
    AC then contacted me when a course became available locally.
    The group I've joined is a mix of people with arther and others who have dystonia and I'm surprised at how similar the issues are that we face.

    Iris xx

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