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Right then you spotty lot just a quick question for you all, well really it's a virtual vote.

Oh yes the question here goes!.

The EU out or in and if ya like why did you vote the way you did?. :?:


  • dreamdaisy
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    I can't remember voting on it - was I too young? Probably not! Anyway, out. It costs us far too much and it seems to have led to huge amounts of pointless legislation. DD

    PS I hope you are OK today after your small misadventure.
  • valval
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    out we should never have joined what do we get out of it??
  • daylily
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    out! No question :!:
    We get nothing out of it but pointless rules and regulations
    and we've lost our identity
  • robertls
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    I'll just stay with 'THE BRITISH EMPIRE'........

    Don't understand all this modern stuff.........

    If things don't improve.............I will reclaim America as well.....

    We should have never GIVEN them their independence.....

    ROb x

  • barbara12
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    OUT sorry but thats how I feel..they take and we give :roll:
  • coco67
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    it has to be OUT
  • trisher
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    Another OUT
  • bertyboy
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  • tjt6768
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    Definately OUT... Why the hell should we let a load of froggies and Gerries make decisions on our laws for a start, let alone how much it costs us..
    By the way, if anyone deems the above terms as racist, get over it... There's nothing racist about nick-names for folk, it's about time people realised that.. Sorry, went off subject a tad..

  • mellman01
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    Out for me too, so there you have it that's obviously why they wont EVER let us vote on anything to do with the European gravy train they need it much more than we do as they all seem to go there for a nice easy job once they have lost their commons position here, look at Kinnock and his wife for example, they are laughing all the way to the bank.
  • grampyal
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    Love to say in just to be different but have to agree with the OUT vote. This topic has certainly shown that there is a connection between brains and having Arthritis. Have to say I like the thought of keeping the Empire but don't think we can afford that either now. Here in Wales we keep being told of all the money we get from Europe but they seem to forget its our money in the first place. Surely one tier of government is enough I'd like to get out of Europe and scrap the Wesh Assembly or whatever they call themselves as they too are another unwarranted expense.