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I'm taking Humira and my son developed foot and mouth disease. I was told by the GP yesterday that if I felt unwell that I should present myself to a&e.
I've spent all day feeling quite rubbish but hoping it was just psychosomatic. But now I'm not sure. Got a really sore throat, enlarged glands in my throat, headache, feel quite foggy and feel like I'm coming down with flu. But then again my son has been waking us up at least once an hour thoughout the night for the past ten days and my hubbie has been dealing with redundancy/possible new job stress this week.

Is it reaction from the past week or am I poorly?
Do I really have to go to a&e on a Fri night and sit with the drunks if I'm feeling dreadful or is it the GP covering themselves?

On the plus side my son is doing a lot better, just has blisters on his fingers and toes now.


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    Get yourself checked out tonight, just to be on the safe side.
    Let us know how you get on.
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    I would get yourself checked out - that way you will put your mind at rest/receive prompt treatment. If you really can't face A&E - ring NHS direct for advice.

    Glad your son is feeling better, hope you all get a better night's sleep.

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    There is foot and mouth around our area so have been keeping an eye out but so are bad colds and flu. It is so difficult to know what to do. I am lazy so would prefer my warm bed to A&E any day and would wait until feeling very bad myself.
    However it would be wise to check it out. would you have to drag little one out out with you? Could you phone for more advice ?

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    I would call your local GP - our one has an answer machine message at this time of night which has the number to call to get a doctor on call to speak to. This way you can call them, they can come out and see you if they think it's necessary and if they think you need to go to A&E they have the powers to help push you through quicker than if you were to go yourself. So that's what I would do.

    In no disrespect to NHS direct, I called them in the middle of the night, about a different health problem, a couple of months ago and they were literally looking on a computer to find out answers to what my discomfort was and it all was a waste of time 'if it gets worse go to A&E and if it doesn't go to see your GP first thing in the morning'. I did see the GP first thing the next day and he said that it is always best call the doctor on call for advice, no matter how silly the enquiry is.

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on. Sending hugs! (((HUGS)))
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    Good lord, is this the foot and mouth that cattle get? I didn't know people could get it too.

    About what to do, I think what everyone else is saying about ringing your doctor is good advice, though if you do decide to go to A and E why not get a few hours sleep, and then go in at about six in the morning? I went in at that time last month, and I was almost their only patient-within an hour I'd had x rays, bloodtests, a glucose drip, morphine, and was on a ward. If you go now you'll probably wait hours.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Hi Jen

    hell girl that's a chunk of stiff you didn't need eh?

    I so hope Harry ( I hope that is right?!) gets better soon and you need to get checked out but don't forget its easily cured flower. Sending you a ((( ))) and hang in there but get checked out please. Cris xx

    Hi Susan,

    Its not quite the same..... The FMD in cattle, sheep etc is a different thing all together I believe.

    Hey nice to meet you by the way Cris x
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    Hi Jenz

    Well you have had a good year so far haven't you? Harry is born and now this.

    I would get yourself checked just to make sure that you are ok.

    I agree that waiting until the drunks and fighters have gone to sleep might be a better idea. Remember it is Halloween so there may have been a lot of parties too.

    If you feel worse then I would ring in London we call them Seldoc, the emergency dotor. You could explain you have a young baby to look after and they might think it better if they see you at home.

    I hope everything goes ok for you Jenz including hubby

    Love Trish xxx
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    hI Jenzie

    I didnt see this last night and am hoping you got things sorted last night.

    Me being me I would have started off with NHS direct and then ended up going to the out of hours GP then to A&E like you I will do anything to avoid that place :shock:

    Hope you are ok and glad little Harry is on the mend.


    toni xx
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    Hi Jen

    ditto to Toni's post. :wink:

    How are you feeling today?... did you phone or see anyone about your swollen glands..?

    please let us know how you and little Harry are. :wink: :!:

    you've got a lot on your plate just now... I remember you'd not been able to sleep very well recently, now this... and the worry about hubby's work. :roll:

    thinking of you all and sending you strength and some of Cris's 'get well' drafts that I've been saving for an emergency!

    Iris xxx
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    hi have just caught up with this sorry got laptop probs so not on much i do hope things are a little better it so hard when little ones are ill and there redundancy about do hope you are feeling much better hugs val
  • jenzie06
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    Hi guys
    Thanks for the replies.
    I called the out of hours GP today and have been given antibiotics as it looks like tonsillitis. Really couldn't face a&e (unless they could offer a bed in a quiet dark room so I can get some sleep), I'm off to see the surgeon on Tuesday as it is!!
    Harry is doing ok, is very giggly, smiley and clear-eyed. The blisters have gone from his toes and from his mouth (I think, but getting a 6month old to stick his tongue out is tricky - I do it to see if he will copy me but he just laughs). The blisters are still on his fingers so he's still contagious but he's shaken off feeling grotty in about a week. He's also able to sit up (for those who remembers me having him - only seems like yesterday).

    Anyone got any ideas how to get him to sleep more than an hour at a time? He's been a good sleeper at night since birth but for the past two weeks he's been a nightmare. Possibly due to being poorly, teething, dropping the 10pm feed - no idea. Any suggestions?
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    Hi Jen :D

    glad that you've seen the doc and been given antibis.... nasty thing having tonsilitis as an adult.. :roll: ... so if you can try and get some rest.. I know easier said than done!

    poor Harry too :!: ... yet managing to smile through having foot and mouth....
    my little grandniece has had it three times, although the docs said she'd only have it once. :shock:

    It's not surprising Harry's sleep's been disturbed.... I think it is an uncomfortable infection to have.

    how to get more sleep? difficult one... but is it possible that either Harry could stay over with a caring gran... or a gran come and sleep over at yours, so that you can get a straight night's sleep. :?:

    I feel it for you... hopefully Harry will go back to his former pattern of sleep once he's fully recovered.

    Iris xx
  • alarkra
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    Hi Jen!

    Oh, I'm sorry that you have awful tonsillitis! I am glad that your little boy is showing signs of getting better - I hope that he doesn't pass it on to you on top of your tonsillitis too! Hope everything continues to get better for you! ((HUGS)). :)
  • chris7
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    Hi Jenzie

    Have only just seen this. Poor little mite, though I am glad he seems to be on the mend from your later posts here. Do hope he starts to settle again soon you must be exhausted and with the tonsilitis too!! I hope you both soon feel much better.
    take care
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    Hi Jen

    So glad it was tonsillitis.....well not really but better that than foot and mouth eh? and treatable too :D

    Bless him :) Lovely boy! Stuff him full o' food! That's what I did - he may be hungrier than usual due to growing and the loss of his nightime feed? Some food fill them up for longer so that might help...rusks are good....mine both did this to me. seems like the minute you get them in a routine it changes doesn't it?

    Thing is it's STILL happening now and mine are 15 and 12 (13 in dec) so there's no hope is there?!

    Bless him

    you take care


    Toni xx

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