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Hi everyone,

Haven't been on here for ages,but this is always a good site to turn to when you feel lonely and down. Just to update you, Frankie is now on MTX (17.5mg) by weekly injections. He went into hospital last week to have some joint injections in his knees and ankle:(. He's not too good at the mo the injections don't seemed to have worked wonders this time! He is missing out on so much sport which is so hard for him. The docs say to excerise but he can barely walk sometimes let alone run. What is strange though if you saw him ride a bike you wouldn't think there was anything wrong?? I don;t know about you but I feel like I really need some answers as i feel we're just going round in circles. I feel like turning to natural remedies like Reiki, iridologists etc, has anyone tried any of these things??

I do read these posts and it makes me remember that we're not the only one's going through it. People say they know how you feel and what we're going through but nobody knows until your in this situation. What does give me hope is speaking to parents whose children have grown out of this awfuk condition!

Hope your all ok

Michelle x


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    Hi Michelle,

    I don't often wonder inhere cus I way to old but wanted to say I wish i could help. Its got to be so hard to see someone you love and so young going through all this.

    I so hope he will be a lot better in the morning... well its that now I guess. Leaving you a ((( ))) and so many hopes. Cris x
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    bless you both!! I know exactly where you are coming from Lucy is 7 almost 8 and was undignosed since 2, she been on MTX since feb and while there is a huge improvement it seems to make the flares worse!!!
    Lucy is so underweight, because she has no muscle tone, and it worries me. She wants to be normal but even her 30 mins of swimming once a week at school kills her and makes the friday and some of the weekend full of pain for her. I know it's good that they exercise and do physio but it so hard to see them in pain because of it!!!
    I wish your family well and hope all settles down soon x x
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    Your both in my thoughts,sometimes the specialists know nothing they don't have to deal with a child crying in early hours or cope with a child who just can't move,you know your child better than anyone.

    I know what you mean about this site it helps a little ways cause you can get advise or help from other parents.

    Take care Michelle. x