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Has anyone had dealings with Castle Cover. Insurance for over 50's. Had a cold call (phone) bit back to say my house insurance was due and would I like a quote as CC would be cheaper than my present company. Didn't know my renewal quote but was offered £188 which seemed ok so I said that I'd contact them when my renewal came in. Was told it was better to take the ins out then and cancel if I didn't want it. Silly me I did this more to get shot of the caller than anything. Next day renewal comes for £148, £40 less so I told Castle Cover that I did NOT want their offer and also stopped the Direct Debit with the bank. I later got an even better offer of £109 from Direct Line. Last week I received a demand for £30.67 for "time on cover". I have pointed out that at no time have I had cover with CC. Yesterday I had a FINAL DEMAND for the sum with the threat of a debt collecting agency if its not paid. I have again contacted them and said that I do not like intimidation and will take the matter up with the FOS.
So if you get a call from them be careful.
Best wishes AL


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    thanks will do never listen to cold callers would rather deal with some one i know val
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    Oh grampyal, that is a tough lesson to learn. I have stuck with Direct Line for years now, car and house and breakdown. They are consistently cheaper than anyone else and their service has always been good. I wish you luck with fighting CC but I suspect you might be on a sticky wicket - the belovéd small print of insurers will suddenly come to the fore so be warned: the cost of the whole thing could rocket. I hope you win! DD
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    And thanks for the warning, I think someone shoukd put a stop to this, If I my memopry serve me right, dont you have a cooling off period anyway.
    I hope they stop bothering you, get them reported.
    Good luck
    Barbara x
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    I think you get 14 days cooling off period, thats the law now isn't it ?

    Rose x
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    I knew it used to a 10 day cooling off period
    Trish x
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    There is a compulsory cooling off period for distance selling over the phone.

    When selling to consumers by mail order, phone, fax, internet or digital TV you must give them a cooling-off period during which they have an unconditional right to cancel the contract.

    In the case of services, the cooling-off period normally ends seven working days after the day the order was made - or after written confirmation is received.

    There are exceptions, one being: Services that begin, by agreement, before the end of the cooling-off period.

    You should contact Trading Standards as soon as possible to sort this out. Trading Standards is a local authority service and available from your County Council.

    Cold callers expect you to just give in and pay to shut them up, don't put up with this. When they call again, tell them that you are in a legal dispute with them and you want a written copy of their complaints procedure and you must also have copies of everything that has transpired, fully dated and timed, in writing. This should include a recorded copy of the original phone call to you, (they always record agreements over the phone). Casually mention that you are also contacting the General Insurance Standards Council, but don't overdo it as you don't want to panic them into rash decisions.

    Joseph 8)