shoulder arthritis

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i'm new to this forum and new to arthritis..I have it in both shoulders and wondered if anyone on here has the same.

I'd be interested to hear how you manage it and if you have any tips.



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    Hi, I have OA in most of my joints & fibromyalgia.
    I have found that getting myself propped up in bed & comfortable is a major issue.Ive now got a memory foam mattress & have changed my pillows to feather & ive found these to be a bit of help.
    I sleep with 2 pillows & a third alongside me so i can rest my arm on it & keep myself level in bed.
    I take amptripyline(sleepers) at 9ish to give them time to take affect
    & try to keep painkillers to a max throughout the day.
    im sure more will come along & give you more hints n tips.
    the more you read the forum the more you pick up.
    Ive been here for over 2 years & its helped me no end, i hope you find it as muchhelp as i have.
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    Hi Julia

    welcome to the forums from me.

    Shoulders is an unpleasant place to have it isn't it? It makes sleeping hard and lots of other daily activities.

    What have you tried so far and what meds are you taking - sorry to be nosey but I dont like to teach my granny to suck eggs!!! :oops: for instance does heat help them or cold like ice packs?


    toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Julia

    I have OA in my right shoulder and its giving me hell the last week or so. I find when my shoulder is bad it seems to affect my ears and I lose my balance easily. I take co-codomal and tramadol for the pain and usually heat or tens for the stiffness. I cant sleep on my right side because as soon as I settle on that side my shoulder, arm and hand becomes so painful. I have problems brushing my teeth so now use electric toothbrush. To be honest its trial and error you will find ways around the restrictions that arther causes you. Contact the occupational therapist at the social services and they will come to your house and assess you. They provided me with some amazing gadgets to help with day to day life. I use a tin opener that works when you push the button, I use a chip basket when cooking veg and pots so you dont have to lift the hot heavy pot.

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    I've have also just been diagnosed with shoulder arthritis (between collarbone and shoulder blade). I have problems with pain medication so can really only take paracetamol.

    Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated as my grandmother didn't teach me to suck eggs!

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    Hi Julie
    Welcome to the forum....sorry cant help with the shoulders....mine is hips and back and ankle and neck sometimes LOL

    You'll get plenty of advice from others
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    Try favoring one side, no unusual movements, no lifting, even carrying the weight of my arms when I'm walking is too much. Loads of heat and rest, the usual painkillers and some oh so gentle exercise when you feel OK about it. Swimming sometimes helps other times its too much, what ever you do, keep doing it, just gently.

    Other than that, give it a dam good ignoring and try not to let it get you down, sometimes I just 'get on with life' and oh......, dare I mention a whisky in the evening? :roll: I found a forgotten bottle of Sir Ainsbury's 12 year old Islay the other night.....rather light and fiery, but any whisky in a storm!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    8)Its a grin, honest!