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Hi everyone,
I joined on here a while ago,but not been on for a long while, the last time I was on was around July time, I did go on holiday to the Isle of man, which was a realy enjoyable holiday for me, I did cope well on that holiday with the pain relief that I was on, on that holiday I met a woman who works at the hospital in Ch***d, she makes the appointments for the pain control clinics there and she reccomended me to go and ask my Dr to be refered there,she said there was a great dr there who specialises in Arthritis a proffesor D***l, well I had an appointment already made with my dr for the 29th July, I saw my dr and asked to be refered to Proffesor D***l at Hospital in Ch***d, he said he would refer me, he gave me yet another prescription for morphine tablets to take during the day, but they just knock me out, in the meantime I booked a holiday to go on a cruise to New England and 2 places in Canada, I asked my dr if he thought I would be ok to go, and he said yes, so I booked the cruise holiday, I went 24th September, I had a great time, but on the 3rd day after I had a shore excursion in Boston usa, my back was killing me and when I got back on the cruise ship my back was killing me, dispite taking a morphine tablet that morning, which I didnt realy want to do, I was crying in pain, one of the spa workers saw me in pain and came up to me and asked me if I was ok, I said no, my backs killing me, she asked me if I ever considered accupuncture treatment, I said I have considered it, she said there was a dr on board the ship that does accupuncture, she asked me if I wanted to give accupuncture a go, I said yes, anything to ease my back pain, well she got on the phone to the dr there and I had to go to see him straight away, he saw me, gave me the accupuncture treatment and it felt such a relief, I was pain free, I had 5 lots of accupuncture treatment on board the ship, it realy did help me, I was able to sleep on my back for the first time in 36yrs, the dr also gave me some joint remedy herbal tablets to take, 4 twice a day, Ive been taking the tablets which have helped me, when I got home from the cruise there was an appointment letter for a pain control clinic, but not where I asked to go, the appointments at Stevenage, so hard to get to from where I live, you have to get 2 trains each way and then a bus or taxi, I have seen my dr and asked why he refered me there, he tried to make out I asked to go there, I did not, I said ch**d not Stevenage, Im not keen on stevenage, and its November 26th at 9.45am, I have a good friend who said he would take me as hes off work that day, but its after that, I have been looking for accupunctur clinics here in the town where I live there are a couple, I dont know whether to go and have more accupuncture treatment or give this hospital in Stevenage a go, but its so difficult to get there, I dont drive, and I dont like to rely on my friend to take me all the time, as he has to work, I hope everyone is ok, sorry ive not been on for a while, but also Ive had another upset, I found a lump in my left breast a few weeks ago, and only just plucked up the courage to phone for a drs appointment, I go next Monday 8th November at 9.45am, but I dont think my dr will be very sympathetic, so Ive had that worry and Ive got that worry for another week, so not felt like doing much, got a constant headache, just hope its going to be ok, oh well best go now got to get my dog charlie hes dinner, take care


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    Hi Christine

    Welcome to the forum. You have and are going through it lately and I am so sorry. Why shouldn't your doctor be sympathetic when you see him? I am sure he will be, but it is a long time to wait for the appointment. Is there no way that you can be seen earlier if you phone the surgery again?

    Why don't you call the helpline here if you would like to speak to someone tomorrow. They are very understanding and quite a few people on the forum have phoned and been helped by them. The number is 0808 800 4050.

    I wish I could help you more,

    Look after yourself,
    Elna x

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