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Hello, I have been dianosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This has been coming on for a few years now .And as iam sure most of you know its quite awful ,no two days the
same.I really dont want to take Methotrexate which the Rheumatologist has advised.
they are so severe and goodness knows what they will do to my body. I had carpel tunnel operation last xmas Dr said R A may have brought it on. Does any one have any advise for me? Thank you for taking the time to read this. PaddyW


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    Hi Paddy

    Good to see you posting. As this is more of an introductory zone you may receive more replies if you copy and paste your posting onto the Living with Arthritis zone. More people look into that zone and so you will receive more replies. I do not have RA so cannot help you with the methotrexate but many on the forum do take it. Quite a few people have been reluctant to start on it too. You are not alone there. You are right, no two days are the same with this arthritis, that is what is so difficult to get one's head around it all.

    Take care
    Elna x
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    Methotrexate can be a very effective treatment for RA: yes it can have side effects but they are not guaranteed. I have been on injected meth for some years now and have only just started feeling icky since the introduction of BP tablets (to control the side effect of two other drugs). Meth is often prescribed with folic acid too, which can ease any potential side effects. What is it about the meth that is putting you off? I wish you well. DD
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