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Hi all,

haven't been on here for some time, i do hope everyone is well. I would just like some advice if possible please.
I have been taking Methotrexate for 2 years now and am currently on a dose of 15mg weekly. Last week after a routine blood test i was told that my liver result was 140! A re-test was done a few days later and the liver result was 66.
I was taken off my meds due to this. I can't understand why this has happened as i haven't consumed any alcohol at all, taken no anti infalmmatories or anything else i can think of. I did, however, have my flu jab just before my blood test, do you think this could affect the result? I am so worried as my next appt. with my nurse isn't until 6th Dec. and i know that with my Psoriatic Arthritis i am going to go downhill. SOrry to ramble on but i would really appreciate your advice on this. And dod you think the Methotrexate will be withdrawn indefinately?
Many Thanks


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    Hi, I don't know if I can help at all but meth is processed by the liver and I guess it can have a blip. If it has been working for you then I am very sorry - you may not be taken off it for long, tho. The body can, and does react to meds that it has previously tolerated. I wish you well. DD (a forum member)
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    Dear Alison,
    I am sorry to hear the recent blood tests results are causing confusion and worry over how your arthritis will be affected without the methotrexate. Unfortunately methotrexate can occasionally cause liver problems, the regular blood checks are used to monitor this. The doctor/specialist will stop methotrexate if they see any side affects. Unfortunately as we are not medically trained we cannot say whether the methotrexate will be withdrawn indefinitely, this will the result of future blood tests and a discussion with your rheumatologist. As your next appointment is a while off, you may like to try ringing the rheumatology department to speak to a rheumatology nurse to get specific answers to your worries.

    Best Wishes