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Hi All,

Wanted to say Hi & introduce myself - I was diagnosed last year (OA) initially knees, ankles, feet, however have now progressed to disc problems. I work fulltime but have some concerns with that which I'm hoping to get some advice with from you all.
I actually felt better when I was diagnosed as I had many years with repeated fractures due to falls, that it was a relief to know I wasn't just clumsy. I'm trying to look after myself a bit better and not to be to worried about the future but as they say, I'm a work in progress.
Hope to chat and get to know more of you,
DD x


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    Welcome DD, a bit late for an introduction but mor will be along tomorrow with similar problems to give give hugs and sympathy.

    Moderator DD (One of he few still awake).
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    Hi Daisy, think you will find it usefull here, I know I have.. There are folks on here with all sorts of versions and flavours of the dreaded ATHUR.. Hope to see you around.. Advice side if things is on the 'living with' section but for a bit of a jest and a natter come along to the chit-chat part, someone there is usually loitering in Val's cafe and will be willing to put the kettle on for you..

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    Hi DaisyDo

    we have a Dreamdaisy on here who signs herself DD too!!

    You are very welcome.

    I hope you find the forums as good and helpful as I have


    Toni xx

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