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this is just a quick post for all of you worried mums out there, i know there are alot of you!!
i am not a mother myself so definitely don't understand what youre going through, but i have a perspective of what your child is going through. i'm 18, and have suffered from JIA since i was about 4/5.
i may not know how youre feeling, but i know how my mum looks when she see's me crying and in pain. i know she feels completely heart broken inside because she can't do anything. but knowing she's always there for me has always helped, she has been my rock through everything. there has been so many times where i have given up all hope completely and have been very very down but just thinking about her and everything she has done for me pushes me to keep going!
you may feel completely helpless sometimes but you should know how wonderful you are. how beautiful and strong you are. you are amazing mothers, just like mine
best wishes to all of you and your families.
if you have any kinds of questions towards me or my family then please message me :)

Stephanie x


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    You are an inspiration to everyone, and a credit to your Mum.

    Print out this post, and give it to her, sweetie. She deserves to see these beautiful words. Stay strong.........Much love.......Ange.x.
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    Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for our post. You're right, it's terrible sometimes having to put our chilldren through their treatment and feeling so helpless and powerless to make it better. It's nice to know that as someone who has been on the receiving end, you have such a close relationship with your mum and don't resent her for having to do it. You are obviously a bright and articulate young woman and should be very proud of yourself, as should your mum! :D
    Post's like yours are so important to remind us mums ( and dad's) that perserverence is the key and that waht we do, we do for the very best reasons.
    Best wishes to you. I hope your joints are under control now??
    Thanks again
    Sam. x
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    Angel1 - thank you very much! i tell my mum everyday i love her! she knows exactly how amazing she is, even if she wont admit it! x

    Worriedmum - I think it some ways, mums and dads have it harder, cause when the children are little, they have no idea what's going on. and its you that make all the choices and decisions, and its you who are there in the middle of the night when they're in pain.
    im doing ok at the moment thank you, not in the best of shape but dealing with it as usual! fingers crossed for a better future for all of us!

    you are all very strong amazing people, and you are my inspiration.

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    Omg!! You make me cry!!! That's so beautiful, I'm a mum of a 5yr old little girl with jia and yes when I see her in pain I want to take all the pain away ,I want to heal her,I want to take the illness away from her forever but then reality hits back.......I Can't!!!!

    All I can do is love her,make her happy,make her strong and get trough all this.

    Your words are beautiful and thank you for remind us how lucky we are to have the most braves ,strong and lovely kids in the world because what you all going trough everyday is not easy and you still there given the best of you!!!

    Myrian v