Hi, I am new here. My RA factor is 189.

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This is Renu. My age is 27. I have been diagnosed with RA factor as 189. I am taking homeopathy medicines as treatment for the same.
1. Uritica Urens(25 drops , each 3 times a day)
2. BC 19 ( 4 tablet, each 3 times a day)

Do you have something to suggest me. Would it be cured. Or i have the live with it ....

Thanks & Regards,
Renu Gupta


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    Hi Renu,
    Welcome to the forum, you mention that you have a RA factor of 189, so I am wandering whether you have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis? If so, you would usually be with a rheumatologist who could discuss specialist medication which can help control the condition and help with the pain and inflammation.

    You may find it useful to read our ‘Living with rheumatoid arthritis’ which details this further:

    When considering complementary therapies, it is important to gather information on the effectiveness, potential risk and safety of the potential therapy to work alongside conventional medication.

    I would encourage you to call us on our confidential freephone helpline for a more detailed chat.

    Best wishes
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    my RA factor was 772 yes 772
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    buster152 wrote:
    my RA factor was 772 yes 772
    We are not sure what you want us to help you with Its clear your rheumatoligist has given you these results and they should be explaining to you what they mean, Also helping you with some treatments, Trying to help yourslef is great but perhaps you need to have a chat to see if there are other ways you can work with the medical people to help you manage your condition,
    We are available on the helplines to chat to from 10am on Monday,
    Take care
    Helplines Team

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