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Hello Everyone,
I have just moved to London from Canada for my masters at the LSE. My mom has suffered from RA and OA for over 20 years and it has been the hardest and most inspiring thing I have witnessed. I look forward to connecting with others to learn more about arthritis and the variable experiences.
For all of you who have arthritis, know that your coping ability and daily determination is an inspiration for all those around you.


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    Hi Kbeninger,

    Welcome to posting and to Britain.

    Sorry about your Ma but she does sound a fighter to have inspired you so.

    Anything you or your Mum needs to know just ask :D

    Luv Legs 8)
    Love, Legs x
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    Hi kbeninger, it's nice to meet you. I guess this will give you the chance to see how - or if any - differently these things are treated over here compared to your native land. I wish you well with your studies and I hope your genes don't land you in trouble with this malarkey! DD
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    Hello kbeninger and welcome from me too!

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Hi kbeninger
    Welcome to the forum and to the country.
    Your Mom sounds like a great lady, I am glad you have joined us, since coming on here I have learned far more then I ever did from my GP.
    I hope to see you posting more very soon
    Barbara x
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    Hello K and a big welcome from me too. :D:D

    Hope your studies go well at LSE :wink: and that your mom isn't missing you too much and vice versa:!: with webcams it makes keeping in touch so much easier. :wink:

    Join in on any of the forums and, as others have already said, ask any questions you or your mom have. :D

    Iris xxx