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Hi everyone. New here and am not sure of my way round yet. I hope this message is in the right place! I have RA and was diagnosed 4 years ago. Also have OA in hips.
Spend most of my time in a chair now as am getting old. The internet keeps me going and have been looking at this site for a while now and thought I would join in the fun.


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    Hello wooly monkey, it's nice to meet you. I have PA and take a fair few meds which sort-of help, I am just emerging from a flare which I am pleased about! Having RA and OA must make life complicated - does your RA treatment upset the OA in anyway? I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Wooly-Monkey (love the name!) and welcome from me too!

    You obviously have a lot on your plate with both RA and OA but you are in good company here and I think you will find lots of support - and hopefully be able to share some of your experiences too. The "Living with Arthritis" forum is the best place for arthritis related queries as lots of people look on there but as you look round the forum you will soon get the hang of what to post where.

    Again, welcome!

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Thank you both for your welcome. Lovely to meet you too.
    I think meeting all you lovely people will give me a new lease of life as I do get very lonely sometimes.
    I am mostly house bound now although I do get out occasionally to do a little bit of shopping when I get desperate to see some other human beings so I can remember what they look like!
    Take care and thanks again for your welcome.
    Wooly-monkey X
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    I know the house-bound feeling very well, it is a trial sometimes, all of it. It is not bad here, the serious stuff is on LWA, the more light-hearted (most of the time) on CC. I hope to see you posting soon - we like new voices and experiences. I hope you have a good night and sleep well. DD

    I think this post followed the rules.
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    Hello wooly-monkey
    And a very warm welcome from me,I am sorry you feel lonely,but hopefully no more, now you have us lot to talk to.
    I have OA in my hips and quite a few others places, but being on here really helps.
    You can ask question in Living with Arthur, or come and join us in chit chat, you will be guaranteed a laugh.
    I do hope to see you posting more very soon.
    Barbara x
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    Hi Wooly Monkey

    A war welcome from me too.

    I have RA bu I'm very greedy I have PA and OA too. Well you have ome to the right place if you are lonely. You will always have someone to talk to on here.

    Asthe other girls have said if it s an arthur as we call him related question LWA is the place to ask or give advice to others.

    CChat is where we have fun.Pop into Val's Cafe for a cuppa and a natter there is always someone in there.

    Well I will see ou around the Forums

    Love Trish xxxx
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    Hi Wooly-monkey

    You have found the right place!

    This is a great place to be and there are loads of lovely peopel on here.

    Think I saw you over in chit chat so I reckon you are settling in just nicely!


    Toni xx

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