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I'm not sure if you can help me or not.

I had to stop aking my meds because a problem wth my liver was detected. I was sent to the Liver Unit. They did loads of tests on me including CT Scans and MIR san as well.

Ihad to attend an ermergency Rheummy appointment beause my platlettes dropp so low.

Wel I have been waiting and waiting to have another appointment. They sent me one but did not receive it. I was told by he rheumy to ring the consultant. He told me there is a problem with my liver and pancreas whic is causing me to be sick andhave pain as well.

How long is a reasonable amount of time to wait as I rang the secretary and she aid they would phone us with an appointment?

I wondered if you might know as the arthritis has got so bad and I'[m in a lot of pain.The Rhurmmy Consultant said they want to put me on mxt but must be okayed by the Liver Unit.

Thank you Trish xxx

Thank you


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    Dear Trisher,
    This must be very difficult for you. And any kind of waiting can be hard to bear when you are in a lot of pain and worried about the situation. You didn't say how long in fact you've waited so far. I wonder whether you can check how long it's going to be with either the rheumatology nurse or the PALS service?

    I don't know what treatment you were taking that was stopped. But I'm assuming it's one that can have an effect on the liver? Sometimes you can talk to the other specialist service yourself and ask them an opinion (and perhaps mention that the rheumatologist needed to speak to them too?)

    Methotrexate is another dmard which can needs regular liver tests, so the liver specialist may want to see whether the rheumatologist has other drug options to suggest, so the issue of the two specialists talking to one another may be important to help you get the situation resolved.

    I hope that is helpful